Confused. Magnificat vs WLP Seasonal Missalette

Ugh! OK, I subscribed to the Magnificat. This was during the Christmas season. It was in complete agreement with the WLP pew-back Seasonal Missalette. Now that we’re into Ordinary Time, the Entrance/Communion Antiphon, etc only seem to agree every 4 or 5 days.

I really like the Magnificat; it’s a quality publication and I enjoy having all the readings for the day in order and by day so that I don’t have to jump all over the place trying to follow the mass but the differences are driving me crazy.

I thought the church controlled all this so that all of us are on the same page, literally.

Any solution to this?

Are you referring to weekdays? Ordinary time offers more options*, but missalette publishers often make the assumptions about which option you’ll be likely to use.

*Well, technically, Ordinary Time weekdays have no antiphons of their own - they repeat the previous Sunday’s. There are optional prayers and Mass parts to pull from elsewhere as well as celebrations appropriate to the day’s saint(s).

Thank you. I hope you can see why I’m confused.

I’m not aware of any repetition of the antiphons from the previous Sunday inasmuch as all the weekday ones are different every day.

My parish uses the WLP Seasonal Missalette which is virtually always different for ordinary time daily mass from the Magnificat. The WLP publication does not have the readings, just the antiphons and the responsorial psalm.

All I wanted was one thing that had everything without having to flip back and forth during mass.

I guess such a thing does not exist.

People have varying learning modes - oral, written, etc., so I can understand that yur strong method of following along may be written; there is no “right or wrong” here; it just how we process something. As a publiation such as Magnificat canot hope to cover all of the alternatives which the Mass daily may present (saints, etc.) it cannot cover all. It is still a very worthwhile publication and has more than just the Mass available to the reader, including a bit of the Liturgy of the Hours. Don’t give up on it.

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I have subscribed to Magnificat for 6-7 years, and I’m a daily Mass goer.

What I’ve noticed is that in our parish, the priests almost never do the Mass for the “optional” memorials (unless it’s for the patron saint of our Church).

Unfortunately, Magnificat seems to waffle back and forth on the entrance and communion antiphons - and e.g. on Fridays, shows the prayers for the “Votive Mass of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

So…what we do in our church, be it right or wrong is… Those of us who actually say the antiphons get together before Mass, and using our prodigious powers of prognostication, and a roll of the dice (metaphorically), we decide which set of antiphons we will use.

In the past ,we used to wait and see the vestment colors when the priest or altar servers appeared, and go with that, but that wasn’t as good an indicator as we thought it would be.

Thank you for your response. I’m heartened to see that, even though I’m a total noob, even the well-seasoned are sometimes as confused as I am.

I’ve taken to copying the pages from the WLP Seasonal Daily Missal for the Entrance and Communion Antiphons and then using the Magnificat for everything else as it seems to be in agreement about 90% of the time for the readings, etc.

I also greatly enjoy the morning and evening prayers. This publication obviously has a great and inspired staff behind it.

Thank you all for your answers.

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