CONFUSED,needs help!

Rev Billy Graham stated that GOD has already forgiven all our sins,past ,present and future.So,does this mean,people like HITLER are in heaven,since all their sins have been forgiven; does the “OSAS” dogma does not believe in hell?Any enlightment will be appreciated.

The Reverend is a sincere man who loves God. But he does not have the fullness of truth found in the Catholic Church.

He is, quite simply, mistaken.

Typical Baptistt/Evangelical (Graham is a Baptist) theology says that our sins have been forgiven, but we must accept this forgiveness (by accepting Jesus as our “personal Lord and Savior,” usually by saying a “sinner’s prayer”). This is the one event that “saves” you (the first two letters of OSAS).

It is unlikely that Hitler was ever “saved” in the protestant sense, so they would say that Hitler could not be in heaven.

FWIW, it is likely that Hitler underwent Christian Baptism as an infant, so it is possible (from a Catholic viewpoint) that he could be in heaven. I would rate his chances pretty low, but we can never say for sure.

This view was condemned at the Council of Trent. AS a Catholic you know sins are only forgiven if the sinner is truly sorry for his/her sins and agrees to avoid them in the future sacramentally. This leaves no room for the forgiveness of future sin, which would in effect be sanctioning future sinfulness.

The truth of the matter is that we are initially put into the state of grace through baptism. If we die in the state of grace, we will go to heaven. If we fall from grace through mortal sin, we will be condemned to Hell unless we are reconciled to God through the sacrament of reconciliation. To stay in the state of grace, we need to do God’s will which means loving God and neighbor and avoiding mortal sin.

Once saved always saved, false doctrine that it is, still requires some form of salvation to gain heaven, whether it be a simple one time statement of belief in the saving power of Jesus, baptism or the sinners prayer popular in some evangelical circles. OSAS believers typically believe in Hell for those that have never been saved.

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