Confused Re: Private Revelation

I’m confused about something.

I saw a thread regarding Veronica of the cross and it was closed due to the policy of no private revelations. I thought private revelations referred to a forum member’s personal, private revelation. What exactly is private revelation? I glanced over the sticky and I’m still confused what the closed thread has to do with private revelation. :confused:

Without going into detail- am I allowed to ask if that thread is about the same Veronica who was one of the women depicted on the stations of the cross? I’m so confused and don’t understand.

I apologize if this is wrong for me to post and ask. :blush:

I checked the thread title again and it refers to her as a seer… I missed that part earlier.

For clarification- that is not regarding Veronica, one of the three woman in the stations of the cross, right?

That would make sense in regards to the no posting policies.

No, it is not the same Veronica in the stations of the cross.

Private revalation usually refers to visions or apparitions received after the time of the Apostles. Some are approved such as St. Bernadette’s at Lourdes, or the children at Fatima. Some are not. A revelation that is not approved may be under investigation or it may be supressed.

We are only allowed to discuss private revelations that have been approved by the Church here on CAF.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I feel like such a ding bat! :blush:

I didn’t understand why we would have her depicted through the church in the stations and not allowed to discuss here. I guess I thought she was the one and only Veronica.
Some days I’m more blonde than others~ sorry.
Thanks again

I can quite understand why you would be confused if you thought it was the Veronica from the Stations of the Cross!

“Veronica of the Cross” was a title used by Veronic Lueken, the seer of the Bayside Apparations. If I recall, the apparations were condemned by the Church. Nevertheless, they have some following on the internet.

Just one point of interest here is that false seers and prophets often like to give themselves and their movements titles which sound quite pious and Catholic (“of the cross”, “of the twin hearts”, etc).

I thought we were allowed to discuss unapproved and condemned ones but not to promote them or to quote them.

That’s what I thought too but the rule seems to have changed. The OP is referring to this thread:

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