Hi apologies if this sounds muddled but I’m confused about my situation.
I converted a year ago to Catholicism - the pull was so strong and it has been a wonderful start .
Each Sunday during the Eucharist I am filled to overflowing with love and tears fall. At first I was embarrassed but it happens each week sometimes even more intensely.

Where I usually sit there’s an statue of the Lord with his crucifixtion wounds clear but his arms are open.

I feel that he wants me’ to serve in a deeper way but I am not the right person or good enough for that.

20 years ago I studied theology at university with the intention of becoming a pastor but I changed track and fell away from the church

And for many years until a while ago
I have felt God’s presence often and it has always left me’ overwhelmed and peaceful.

Am I just misinterpreting these signs
I pray that the Lord will show me’ what he wants me’ to do
The answer I know is to serve me’ and my church
I have tried to turn away but the desire only grows.

Any thoughts truly welcome :wink:

Maybe I’m going nuts !

We are all called to serve… The question is where do you want me, Lord? What do you want me to do, Lord?

The answer is in prayer. If you pray and ask the questions, God will give the answer. Be open to all the ways God will answer:
*]In that still small voice.
*]Through scripture.
*]Through another person. Could be a priest, deacon, nun, or anybody that is open to the voice of God.
*]You could even have a visit from an Angel or a Saint. Could be in a dream or while awake. God has many ways of speaking to us, we just have to be open to his voice & listen.
*]Then you will need to “Test the Call”
[/LIST]For me it was a call to The Knights of Columbus. And each day I serve as a knight I receive confirmation that this is where God wants me.

You said,** “I feel that he wants me’ to serve in a deeper way but I am not the right person or good enough for that.”**

It is God who chooses us, not the other way around. He calls. We answer. You have heard His call, now it is your task to discern what it is he is calling you to. Don’t hang back because you feel you are not the right person or good enough. God will give you whatever is needed.

God bless

P.S. Everything Bill said:)

Welcome indeed to the Bride of Christ,

I agree with Will and Patti B completely. I am also a convert, but it’s been a while (1998). The first two years were similar to yours in some ways. I cried when I received the Eucharist almost every time, for two years. It was a healing for me, although sometimes the tears and the emotions were confusing to me. Especially since, around me, were people who seemed to be completely unaffected by the reception of Our Lord.

This is a very special time for you, although you may not recognize it now. Abide with Him in this period of time. As Will so clearly stated, we are all called to something. You were created for something very important, and very special. Every single person on this world has a special purpose, but in all time, and in all places, your soul is here and now for a special reason, and part of that is listening, abiding and then doing.

In the last 14 years, He has shown me miracles of faith that are so beautiful, so loving, and so amazing. He will do the same to you. TRUST that His plans for you will lead you to a LIFE that is so abundant that you can’t help but praise him every day. EVEN in the suffering, EVEN in the pain there can be joy.

Just hold on tight my friend. The ride is SO worth it.

Prayers for your ongoing conversion.

In Christ and in Love

Does your parish or one nearby have Eucharistic Adoration? That is a great time to prayerfully consider your calling.

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