Since I’ve started being a practicing catholic a couple of years ago, I didn’t do anything with my faith in high school and my family doesn’t go to church, I’ve been on and off toying with the desire to become a priest. But last months I have not been able to get it out of my mind. I keep thinking about it all the time.

I’m still in college and I have a girlfriend and I do want to finish college, but I can’t seem to give 100% to my girlfriend. It feels like I’m not really there when I’m with her. But I do love her and would hate to miss her. So I’m confused now.

Also I’m autistic would that be a reason they would reject me at a seminary?


I would suggest finding a vocations director as my googling did not find a definite answer. The best answer I got was:

Not specifically. They do not go by diagnostic criteria, but by ability. And many people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders as adults do not have any particularly noteworthy disabling conditions. The stereotype geek and professor for instance is almost always based on characteristics of ASD.

This was from a similar question on

On that basis, it makes sense to go to the source (i.e. a vocations director) to find out if your personal circumstances would enable you to discern if you have a vocation to be a priest (parish or Monastic) or if you are called elsewhere e.g. marriage or the religious life.

Even revealing a lot of personal details on a public forum (forbidden and unwise) would not give you the answer you are seeking. I would imagine a vocations director would want to listen and talk to you face to face.

Please pray (and I will pray for you as well) and consider going to a vocations director or signing up for one of the discernment weeks run by places such as St Procopius Abbey.

May God bless and guide you on your journey.


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Your best bet is going to be to talk all these issues out with a priest who can guide you in the discernment process.

I’m honestly not sure if autism would disqualify someone from entering seminary. (I’d be interested to know because my son has autism as well.) I know that seminary applicants take a psychological profile and they often do not accept men who suffer from psychological issues. But I don’t know if that presents an insurmountable obstacle or if perhaps they would accept a candidate who has demonstrated that their disability would not get in the way of being a good pastor of souls. That would be a question for the diocesan Vocations Director.


At our parish we have a priest who has ADHD. That’s not autism but it didn’t stop him from becoming a priest.


yep, talk to a priest for sure. or a vocations director. typically they will make you go through a discernment process anyways so you can find out if it’s really for you


agreed, speak to the head pastor of your church. visiting priests usually don’t have tha authority do schedule things like that. you can then make your requests. and you will avoid the awkward scenario that could arise if he thinks you are trying to go over his head


There should be a vocations director for your diocese. Just look up Catholic diocese of XXX for contact info for the diocese or maybe even the director directly. Some Episcopal dioceses overlap with ours so do include the word Catholic!

Thanks so much for considering this leading–we need good priests :slight_smile:


I know that feeling very well right now. :compcoff:

I will pray for you.

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