Knowledge depends on a thing’s materiality. The more immaterial a thing is the greater its’ knowledge. Now nothing is more immaterial than God and God is beyond essence. But God is substance. Ok what is substance and essence and which is more immaterial? God is one substance in three persons. Personage is not necessarily human. Do animals have personage?


I don’t believe so.

They are equally immaterial. Essence is simply the definition of the nature of a thing, while substance is the primary existing thing in which accidents or persons inhere. Both are totally immaterial.

It’s the other way round; God is three persons in one substance.

You are right, being a ‘person’ is not unique to humans, as God is also three persons. But the definition of a person includes ‘rational nature’ and so animals cannot be counted as persons.

What all goes into personage then? Or makes a person?

There are two key dimensions to personhood: reason and will. Together, reason and will orient the human person towards relationships. This is because the first movement of the will is love, and love by nature is oriented towards someone to be loved. Reason helps us actualise those relationships to which love orients us by helping us make choices and craft actions which make or enhance relationships of love.

So in a nutshell, what makes a person a person is reason and will, and these in turn make the person to be relational, bound to other persons.

Why do animals they say not have this? I have watched cats look upward to two tables one higher than another and reason that the shorter one was the shorter distance.

Now if I understand right God’s will comes from his love. His love of goodness and hatred of evil. So it’s the opposite in us?

I think reason refers to the ability to make morally based decisions. An animal doesn’t have the ability to make moral judgements.

I see. Yes and they’re not required to. And they certainly don’t understand formal logic. It might mean that too.

The same could be said for some people. I won’t mention any names. :rolleyes:

That is so. Most people I would say. But a line of thinking is only as good as your postulates.

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