Hi in the day of religious vocation I saw a sticker I an car and I felt a calling.
However I don’t feel a call or any particular joy for entering religious life, I wonder if there can be some variants or ways of responding to this calling. Please help


You ought to talk to a priest or a vocations director at a religious community.

In the meantime, this site may be of some assistance.


You should talk to a vocational director. I’m no expert, but if the only calling to the Priesthood you received was from reading a bumper sticker, you may be misreading the situation.

Bumper stickers are advertising.


This is true. But do not disregard. You can get a calling from anywhere. I personally got my calling to the priesthood from an advertising, and after a year, I’m still at it! Some priest said that he asked for a sign whether he’s called to the priesthood or jot, and he literally passed by a billboard ad that said, “Are you looking for a sign? This is it,” which happened to be an ad from his diocese.
Do talk to the vocational director of your diocese. I’m sure he’ll say, “With time, you’ll know,” or something like that, but he will give you powerful advice on how you can discern your vocation more powerfully. For all you know, you might be called not to the religious priesthood, but to the diocesan priesthood–which is not unheard of. You can contact me if you have any more questions, but that’s really the best advice is to find the vocational director.

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