Hi everyone. I am so very confused by everything that is going on in the Church right now. This whole Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried has been causing me so much anxiety and pain for years now. I don’t understand what is happening. What we Catholics have always believed is being lost. The only thing we can do is pray. Does anyone else feel this way?

I do NOT know of any diocese in the U.S. that permits divorced and civilly married people to receive holy communion.

Herc is right…I know some in that situation wish it were so, but it isn’t!

Why are you feeling so much anxiety? Is it because the pope is showing concern to those who are divorced and still want to be part of the Church?

OP, do others have anxiety issues? Yes. But posting this kind of Doomsday talk on internet forums does not do you or anyone else any good.

Many things can cause anxiety. Our Lord Jesus Christ is in control…trust Him…keep looking at Him, and you can help be a part of the solution.

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