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After much studying, I have come to embrace the Catholic church. Being baptized Catholic, but raised Protestant, I had much to research, but am coming to understand that Catholicism is the only way for me. But, after reading posts on the Spirituality forum, I am now confused–charismatic Catholic churches with tounges? There are entire Protestant churches based on this least of the spiritual gifts. There are several rules in the Bible with regard to speaking in tounges. Are there interpreters in these charismatic Catholic churches?
One of the many truths about Catholicism that I am beginning to love is that the Church and Mass is unified. After reading the posts on charismatic Catholic churches, it looks a little like Protestantism–if you don’t like this church, keep hopping until you find one that suits you. This will not deter me from RCIA and becoming a Catholic, although it is a little confusing. I’m sure Mass is still celebrated the same as it should be, however, I find the idea of mixing charismatic characteristics with a reverent Mass a little hard to accept. But, I joined this forum for answers, so if I’m off base here, set me straight.


Sherilo, Welcome home! I was gone from the Church for a long time, too but now she’s my life. You’ll never leave again.

I was at only one charismatic Mass and I personally didn’t like it, but it was still the Mass and THAT I love. I attend a Tridentine Mass every week so my tastes run towards the traditional side. I’ve been to liturgically correct Masses and teen Masses which weren’t so liturgically correct but it’s still the same Mass.

Keep up with your RCIA and don’t give up. You’ll eventually find the place that’s right for you.

first off, ask yourself if you really are against speaking in tongues. are you wary of it and think of it as slightly of the wall?
now, as far as i know, yes the bible says that if there is someone speaking in tongues, ideally,there should be someone to translate too; to date, i have not seen a translator or interpreter in a catholic charismatic group.
however, it is not absolutely essential either. paul says that such a gift without an interpreter is useful only to the one speaking in tongues and thus, i suspect, your notion that it is “the least of gifts”.
thirdly, the catholic church does not codemn such a practice or the charismatic form of worship. i have heard that one of the catholic explanations for the phenomenon is that it could be that a person taken up with ecstacy may find it difficult to articulate properly thus speaking incoherently. that however, does not exclude the possibility that the person is actually praising god within the heart. besides, the idea of charismatic worship is relatively new to the catholic scene(around the 1960s was the beginnings of this movement, i think).
lastly, you don’t have to worship in the charismatic form in the catholic church, that’s totally up to you. i do agree with you that the idea of pick a church is not good. we go to mass for the eucharist and all other reasons are secondary. the eucharist is the same in each catholic church and one should not belittle it with such a pick-and-choose mentality.
i hope this was of some help

You will find people that like the Charasmatic movement and those that do not. As long as those people are sticking by church teaching and liturgy and not incorperating new-age material into their version of the Charasmatic movement then what they are doing is allowed.

Other people, like me, are not comfortable with aspects of the movement. If you are not comfortable with it search out a church or Mass that doesn’t have those aspects. Usually when a church has a Charasmatic Mass, they also have Masses that aren’t Charasmatic. If not, seek out a different church.

Welcome home.


i hope this was of some help

It would be of more potential help if you cool it with the large fonts and funky colors. Just a suggestion.

[quote=The Barrister]It would be of more potential help if you cool it with the large fonts and funky colors. Just a suggestion.

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