Confusing Sentimentality with Love

I found this a very interesting article. People seem to be so p.c. these days and oh so very concerned about making excuses and placing blame that iften it seems the voices calling reminders of harsh reality get the heavy stick.

I found these passages stood out to me.

To lack warm sentiments is no indication that genuine love is lacking.

and towards the end:

the cunning are intuitive; they know when they’ve deceived you; they know who’s an idealistic, quixotic sentimentalist, and so they know whose love is false. And such love cannot touch them because it goes out not to a broken person, destroyed by his own sin, but to a sentimental construct. The tragic result is, those who need a sense of the divine mercy to lift them are never touched, because the one who is supposed to love them refuses to behold them as they really are.

Replace the word “poor” with just about any other typical excuse and I think it would still hold true.

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