Confusion About Sacraments

I am particularily confused about the sacraments of christianity. Where in the bible does it point that God left us the sacraments that we have to do in the Church?

Also it is my understanding that people say sacraments are needed for salvation. Now, many churchs say that they don’t believe in the sacraments as Catholics do because they consider them “works”. I know that when I get the Eucharist or baptism at the altar then this might indeed look like a work, but in reality it is just doing a deed given by Gods grace.

I am aware that many other Churchs give out some kind of bread and drink, maybe not every Sunday but they do. So in my opinion although they might deny the term “Sacrament” I think that God looks at that as a sacrament.

Getting to the point, what I want to know is that when people say that you don’t have to “do” sacraments are they somewhat correct? Because from my understanding, if one dies without baptism, confirmation, etc… then they will still be baptised at death because they “want” it. So technically, if one hasn’t received the sacraments up front during their lifetime like Catholics, they will receive them at their death bed.

And why would there be an exception for priests then from the sacrament of marriage? Is that like an optional sacrament?


The definition for Sacrament is that it is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace.

Catholics believe that we have the fullness of the teaching of Christ, and if we receive the Sacraments with a well-disposed conscience, then we receive grace. I cannot judge the souls of Christians who believe otherwise…God knows whether they are sincere in their beliefs, or if they need to search to find the truth.

When one is ordained a priest in the Latin Rite that is sufficient…all 7 of the Sacraments are not required. If one receives the Sacrament of Ordination then he will receive the graces necessary for his vocation, if he is open to them. The same with the Sacrament of Marriage.

Baptism is mentioned in Scripture, the need for repentance and confession of sins, the Eucharist (Jesus explained in John 6 about his flesh and blood being real food), Marriage: “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.” Priesthood: Jesus said to the Apostles at the Last Supper “Do this in memory of me.” Anointing the sick with oil is also mentioned. Right now it eludes me, about Confirmation. I am sure it is in there as well, perhaps someone else can point that out.

I’ve seen you have some questions, so I dont know if this will help you or you already know about this… but go to to recieve a lot of questions with support from the bible and the Early Church Fathers.

there is no requirement to receive all 7 sacraments, although technically you can do so. you can get married first, then get ordained as a Deacon. of if you belong to an Eastern Catholic Chruch, then you can become a priest as well and receive Holy Orders

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