Confusion Over Which Day's Evening Prayer to Use


I notice that the guide for Christian Prayer’s (one volume hours) evening prayer seems to direct to the following day, e.g. evening prayer last night, Dec 31, referenced the evening prayer for Jan 1’s Solemnity.

Does the new day for hours begin at sunset, as with the Orthodox church? What day should I be looking for when I say evening prayers, the evening of the calendar day I’m in, or the following day? So tonight, should I say the Jan 1 evening prayer again, or Friday’s evening prayer? Or the other evening prayer (II) for Jan 1?


Because of their “specialness” in the life of the Church, a few days during the year (mainly Holy Days and Sundays) are given two evening prayers. The first Evening Prayer I is to be said on the vigil and Evening Prayer II is said the evening of the day. It is much like how the Church allows for having a mass for special days the night before (a vigil).

So tonight you should be saying Evening Prayer II for Jan. 1, The Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Hope this helps.


On “normal” days, you just say the evening prayer for whatever day you are on, Tuesday or whatever. I think your confusion comes from the other days. Feast days, including Sundays are extended days, they begin the evening before and continue through the whole day. Same idea as why you can attend Mass on Saturday night and have it “count” for Sunday. So those days will have two evening prayers, one for the night before and one for the actual day. So last night was Evening Prayer I for the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. Tonight is Evening Prayer II for the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. It is basically the same thing on Sundays too.


I understand! Thank you very much.



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