I have been going to Catholic churches since small. The Catholic priest has since gave me the holy trinity and holy water on forehead am I baptized I feel I was

When you’re baptized, you get a baptismal certificate and need a godmother and godfather or sponsors, a special ceremony, etc. You need to ask your parents about if/where you were baptized, and it’d be a good idea to get a copy of it for your records.

Well I’m 52 now so I’m doing correspondence courses with the knights of Columbus to get my certificate s and catechism completed online

If you were baptized, the parish where you were baptized should have a record of it. And you may obtain a copy of your baptismal certificate by writing to that parish. You cannot get a birth certificate by taking correspondence courses online. A certificate stating that you completed a catechism course is not a baptismal certificate.

This I do know

Interesting … Would anyone object to a person being baptised just to make sure you were?
is there anything wrong with doing it twice ?

YES. Baptism can be performed only once. To attempt to re-baptise a baptised person is a grave sacrilege.

There is however, a formula for conditional baptism when, for one reason or another, it is impossible to know if someone has been baptised.

It’s called a conditional baptism if it is done a second time without definite proof of the first. “If you were not baptized, I baptize you in the name…” I think they expect you to look around for a possible record first.

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Well I’m not a whizz on religious rights & wrongs… I have no idea if you can be baptised once or every day of the week… But from my perspective ,I see nothing wrong with confirming that you are baptised by doing it a second time, even if you just want to prove your faith in Jesus by doing it as an adult… As opposed to having the decision made by responsible parents

Converting. Then baptism taking my classes now


In The Creed we say “I Confess one Baptism for the Forgiveness of Sins”. If we are baptized we can do many other things to prove our faith in Jesus.

A second baptism is not possible. A conditional baptism is not a second baptism.

At my primary post I mentioned I don’t know if that stood as being baptized
Not a second baptismal…the priest did the holy water and the holy trinity when I was getting my nephew baptized and me being godmother…he said many things with holy water on forehead I said I felt I was being baptized I think I was…I don’t know if I ever wad my parents passed long time ago

I have been to many Catholic churches. Right now I’m taking the Pillar of faith and catholism and catechism.


If the person escapes from a country where the Church is persecuted, how does that person prove that s/he was Baptized, etc., etc.? No disrespect intended, but in that situation, one does not even think of any papers! So . . . what then?


In order for you to be baptized in a parish you have to take rcia if your not baptized normally am I not correct??

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