Congratulate Someone Who is Pregnant?

Hi I have a quick question:
Should I congratulate a friend who is pregnant outside of marriage on her pregnancy/baby?
Don’t want to seem like an unkind, hypocritical Christian, but then again, would it be saying “Well done, you sinned”… ?


Why do you have to “congratulate” her. Can’t you just support her and her baby? Can’t you just help with the situation?

No need to blow some streamers in her face, just act compassionately and help her to lead a holy life.:shrug:

Well basically it’s a friend I don’t see too often, and I’m kinda due an email/text acknowledging the fact that she’s had a baby.

Maybe acknowledge the baby without congratulating her.

Something like…
I heard you are having a baby. I hope that you feel well, and that both of you will be healthy. I’m here if you need anything or anyone to talk to.

I agree with this.

You could ask when her baby is due, if she knows if it’s a boy or a girl, or if she’s picked a name out.

I read that God wills for every baby to be born no matter what the circumstances.

Suggested congrats:

Having a baby is exciting! So happy for you!

Every child is a blessing, no matter the circumstances so it wouldn’t hurt to say something like, “Awww! Babies are such blessings! Hope you and the baby are doing well.”


Thanks guys, think I know what I’ll say now.

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