Congratulations, Nepenthe and Mirdath!


If all went as planned, CAF’s very own Nepenthe and Mirdath got married on October 28! :extrahappy:

Congratulations! Now we want the pics! (the attire is, naturally, expected to be anything but conventional and I can hardly wait to see it :smiley: )


Hooray for them both!! I hope that they have a happy marriage and eventually become the sweet elderly couple who hold hands after fifty years of marriage.:slight_smile:


Congratulations to both of them!!!


Oh, the photos should be great!

Congrats, you crazy kids! May you have a long, happy marriage.


Ah yes, I am picturing Nepenthe and Mirdath as curmudgeonly conservative elders decrying the wayward mores of youth. But hey, that’s a few years down the road yet. :smiley:


Now that would be funny.:smiley:





Many years, and long marriage and prayers to them both!:clapping: :dancing: :extrahappy: :dancing: We “dance” at their wedding!


awwwww, you guys :blush:

Yes, it happened! The week of nervous breakdowns is past, the vows have been said, the rings were exchanged, the cake got thoroughly cut, and the first dance was Iggy Pop’s ‘The Passenger’ :smiley:

The pictures will take a couple weeks to develop and all (the official ones, that is – place had a ‘no amateur photography’ rule, but ah… certain family members and friends aren’t all that impressed by rules).

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :love: :extrahappy: :love:




Yay! Congratulations!!!



Hehehehe, Iggy Pop.

Nepenthe never did tell me what she choose for shoes. Tell me you guys had a black frosted cake:p

I’ll probably steal half your stuff, so hurry up with the pictures.


Nepenthe’s shoes were lavender-grey low heels, matched the outfit perfectly. The cake, I’m (not very) sad to say, was white with a blue-grey fondant ribbon and lots of raspberries. And lots of chocolate. It was delicious (those in the Detroit metro area, take note: Patisserie Parmentier is the bomb, and inexpensive, and just all-around amazing), and we still have leftovers – although those’re disappearing quickly.

The service was lovely (and brief), and we’re both currently wearing rather heavy platinum bands – screw brass knuckles, this is where it’s at. And we managed to get almost everyone out on the dance floor before they kicked us out.

Pictures are coming when they come :slight_smile:


Congrats to you! How exciting! I LOOOOVE :heart: my hubby and its such an awesome feeling to be married! :slight_smile:


Now I’m hungray;) :smiley:


**Wow am I looking forward to these pics!!!

Congrats to you both and may God bless your marriage today and every day!!!





The very best wishes to the bride and groom! Long life and much happiness to you both!


there better be a photo of the now-famous shoes!:slight_smile:


Pictures, yet?:confused: :wink:

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