Congratulations to our new Catholics!


**I am happy to welcome you to full communion!
God bless you with ever-increasing faith, zeal, and love.

:getholy: :clapping: :dancing::grouphug: :tiphat: :dancing: :angel1:



Thank you. I was confirmed and had my first holy communion. I’m so pleased to be home.
Welcome and God bless everyone who is coming home


Congratulations Bazza! Welcome home!


Congratulations and welcome home!!!:slight_smile:


I got confirmed tonight as well:)
Finally Im back home, praise The Lord for bringing me home to his one true church.
Thanks for the welcoming note:)
God bless us all!

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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I think we had seven at our church which is great.


Now, the time has come that we make sure that all who have journeyed through RICA stay involved. All too often, it seems as if we say “OK, you’ve graduated, now move on. Next class!”


I was also confirmed tonight and had my first Holy Communion. It was a lovely evening, the church was full and my sister and husband both came to support me. :slight_smile:


I too was welcomed into the Catholic Church. It hasn’t really hit home yet, but I am very happy to have ended a journey which began over 20 years ago. Now I have a new journey to begin! Congratulations to all of my new fellow Catholics! Make sure you stay busy in your faith! At the end of the Mass I made contact with one of the KoC. Why wait?:smiley:


And thank you!


Thank you. I am so happy :extrahappy:


Congratulations and welcome home to our catechumens and candidates! God bless you, keep you, and grace you with many blessings! :smiley:


Welcome home :slight_smile:

I entered the Church in 2008, greatest thing I have ever done.

Baptize all the nations!


I was confirmed last night! It still hasn’t kicked in yet (figured it’ll take a couple masses before it truly does!). The mass was incredible. So much tradition and warmth. I feel truly blessed to finally be a part of the church.


Happyhappyhappyhappyhappy day!
I am a Catholic revert-ish, so I didn’t go through the Easter vigil initiation, but I know what it’s like. It’s like coming home after verry, very long journey away. It’s like you grew up in an orphanage and are meeting your birthparents for the first time. It’s like you are Rapunzel and have finally left your tower. It’s like you ate bread and milk your entire childhood and have just been introduced to meat and vegetables.

It doesn’t always feel like that at first, but I know for me, it only took a few weeks for me to realize that I had finally found the place where I wanted to be.


Thank you!!

I too am now in full communion with the Church! It was such an amazing and special night. There were 50 of us being confirmed at my Church on Saturday evening! Please pray for all of us that our faith journey continues!

So happy to be HOME!

Many blessings to all of you!


Thank you, I also was received into the church at the Easter Vigil. I was blessed to have my wife and 7 year old little girl come up to the altar with me. I am the only Catholic in my family as well.

My the Lord bless everyone who was received into the church

In Christ



My church had 42, and what seemed like 2 entire families.

Bigger than my confirmation class when I was a kid.


How large is your parish, roundabout?


We offer our congratualations,prayers, and thanks for reminding us anew of our conversion in 1992. May all share the Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace of our Lord Jesus.

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