Congregation of Divine Worship undergoes reform, new music/art/architecture Office


The Secretariat of State agreed on the Congregation’s restructuring last 3 September with Benedict XVI’s approval: the reorganization of the Congregation of Divine Worship involved the creation of new offices that will become operational as of next year. The main change is the establishment of an office, specifically dedicated to liturgical art and music (which Vatican Insider predicted in a previous article), which will provide guidelines to ensure that hymns sung during mass and the structure of new churches are adequate and correspond to the mystery being celebrated.

The changes in the dicastery led by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera were introduced just one year after the motu proprio “Quaerit semper” issued by Benedict XVI on 27 September 2011. This put the Roman Rota in charge of two issues which up until then the Congregation for Divine Worship had been responsible for. The first is to do with the invalidity of priestly ordination and the second with the dispensation for contracted but unconsummated marriages. Both issues had previously kept the Congregation of Divine Worship very busy.


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This sounds like an exciting change. :thumbsup:


sounds good.

God bless the Holy Father. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear this! Maybe this means that I won't have to hear "Mighty to Save" at the next Children's Mass at the parish I go to.


Or Chris Tomlin.:slight_smile:

Nah, one of the parishes I have to go to disregards the GIRM in the first place, so why would this make a difference. :shrug: :frowning:



This is wonderful!


I'm not usually one for emotional outbursts, but


Hopefully we will get useful guidelines instead of the generic statements that often leads to such bland, utilitarian designs. I pray that it will start a return of beauty and the unique Catholic vibe to our churches and liturgies.


I pray that this new office will work dilligently to set down appropriate guidelines for musical worship and the construction of God's houses on earth.


Things are moving :yup: Lots of prayer needed now.


There was something on this on CAF a while back if I remember correctly. I’m glad to see it becoming a reality and I look forward to seeing the fruits of this reform.


Good news if this will simultaneously improve the quality of hymns at mass, and put to bed the nonsense that hymns should not be sung at mass.


According to American Benedictine Abbot Michael Zielinski, Gregorian chant communicates ‘the sense of Catholicity’ and is crucial to the recovering ‘the great treasure’ of Catholic Tradition.

Interesting to say the least. Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Pecos NM has some intriguing history. Regardless, I am happy to see this process unfolding and look forward to seeing where it takes us.

We are going through this on the small scale in our own parish right now. We have three weekend Masses with two being contemporary in terms of music and one being a mixed bag. Myself and some other parishioners have made the request to have one weekend Mass be more traditional (older hymns, use of the entrance and communion antiphons, etc.), nothing too crazy, but a step towards tradition nonetheless. Our Pastor is supportive but when he brought it to the liturgy committee he met with resistance and was accused with trying to go backwards. Thankfully, he stood his ground and told them that it was already decided and this was what we are doing. We are lucky to have him.

So, with that in mind, I guess the news at the Vatican level is of special interest to me. I hope all of this goes well, both at the macro level but at the individual parish level as well.



Oh I do so hope this means “America the Beautiful” will never be sung in church again!


[quote="Rand_Al_Thor, post:13, topic:305155"]
Oh I do so hope this means "America the Beautiful" will never be sung in church again!


Agree, except maybe on July 4 as a recessional, or post-recessional recessional. Or better yet, at a Requiem Mass for all the aborted babies our country has killed.


Is "America the Beautiful" ever done as anything but a recessional? That's the only time I have heard it used.

Some of the music has become either elevator music or things that only trained and very talented singers can use. Participation in singing hymns is low anyway, so throw in the impossibility of hitting certain notes and people become mere spectators. That's a shame too. Everyone should be fully immersed in the Mass. This may be a huge step in that direction.

Architecture is an issue too. I hate visiting a parish and wondering where to find the tabernacle. The churches that have them completely out of sight are far too common. We visited a church in which I only knew the general direction of the tabernacle when the deacon retrieved the Blessed Sacrament.

I believe that architecture can be a powerful tool to evangelize, particularly in my part of the country wherein Catholics are few. Bland churches hardly draw inquiry.


[quote="YoungTradCath, post:14, topic:305155"]
Agree, except maybe on July 4 as a recessional, or post-recessional recessional. Or better yet, at a Requiem Mass for all the aborted babies our country has killed.


And techincally, the recessional is outside of Mass anyway. The Mass ends when the Deacon says it does, "This Mass has ended..."


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