Congregation of St. Joseph, Wheeling, WV

The state of West Virginia has lost a tremendous number of convents. These sisters are the last ones standing, as far as motherhouses are concerned:

West Virginia has lost:

A Carmel (now apartments)
Good Shepherd Sisters (now assisted living)
2 Visitation Academies & Convents (both demolished)
Sisters Auxiliaries of the Apostolate (now extinct; school was demolished)

I think I saw a new community of canons regular taking up residence somewhere in the state, but can’t remember who they are or where they’re located.

Let us also remember those who were called home to God in the floods of late.


Clarifying on the Pallottines:

The sisters and their institutions are still there. They simply are no longer a free-standing Province with novitiate. Those wishing to try their vocation with them will not be able to do so in West Virginia, unless sent there on mission during novitiate (if they do such). There will be no guarantee that one will be assigned to WV.


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