Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians)

On the Vincentian calendar, today is the anniversary for St. Vincent de Paul giving the Common Rules to the Congregation of the Mission. Here is a link to the Common Rules:

Here is a wiki article with links to the CM:

:thumbsup: Los Angeles has been richly blessed by the Congregation of the Mission, both the Vincentian Fathers and Sisters, the Daughters of Charity. Some of our earliest schools, hospital and churches were thanks to their effforts.

I am confused. The feast of St. Vincent dePaul is September 27th.

Thanks for sharing that information. The church facade looks just like that of the Toledo Visitation in Ohio. As an aside, St Vincent de Paul was chaplain to the early Visitandines. The Daughters of Charity utilized The Introduction to the Devout Life in their formation program.

On the Vincentian calendar, today is the anniversary of when St Vincent formally bestowed the Common Rules on the CM. St Vincent didn’t plan to found a few community, it just kinda happened in response to the needs of his time. The also didn’t have a rule to begin with. That came much later, as in about 40 years.

That’s the date we celebrate his feast. Reception of the “rule” (really a guide - he specifically did not want the Congregation to be Religious, technically) is the 17th, and Foundation day is a different day. :rolleyes:

…I assure you, most people wouldn’t know any of this without the aid of an annual liturgical calendar. :thumbsup:

Since all of our Charisms, both emerging and proposed, have been brought under our Charity charism, I am having to pay close attention to the Vincentian calendar, hence my post.

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