Congregational response in the TLM

I was wondering what the common practice is in parishes using the missal of Bl. John XXIII for the congregation to make responses or sing the ordinary.

In my own parish, the worshipers seems fairly split. For instance, at Low Mass, half of us worship silently, while the other half tend to act like it’s a dialogue Mass. At sung Mass, some people sing along with the choir for the ordinary, others remain silent. (Most annoyingly, I’ve sat in front of someone who responded with the servers while the choir was singing). It seems to me that the whole congregation singing the ordinary with the choir would be most in the spirit of Vatican II (yes, a traditionalist used that phrase with a positive connotation!), but I wondered if there were norms or simply customs that govern the level of vocalization.

Any thoughts?

It is not considered a “Dialogue Mass” unless the congregation says the responses for the prayers at the foot of the altar.

At Mater Ecclesiae the congregation says or sings the Latin responses for the Asperges and all the responses after the prayers at the foot of the altar. This is not considered “Dialogue Mass”.

They also join in singing the Credo, Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei, if they know the melodies…But if it is a Choral Mass, like a Mozart Mass, or a Lord Nelson Mass, the congregation would not sing those parts, just the choir.

I am sure, we have people against that sort of thing as well- they like a silent congregation- everyone staying silent and doing their own private devotions in silence during the Mass.

Some years ago this issue was brought up and addressed by our pastor who said that the congregation may say or sing the responses designated for the “S.” responses after the prayers at the foot of the altar with the exception of the “Sucipe.”


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