Congregations similar to the Dominican order


Are there any modern masculine congregations that are in the spirit and rule of the of the Dominican order? I am thinking also of congregations that return to original rules, or follow them into a more social approach. I don’t know if I have been very explicit, but I am interested in congregations that follow the Dominican rules.


If you speak French, there’s the Fraternity of St. Vincent Ferrer:

What do you mean by congregations that follow the “Dominican rules”? Do you mean ones that follow the Constitutions of the brothers? Ones that put an emphasis on study? If you’re looking for basically Reformed Dominicans, there are none. The Fraternity of St. Vincent Ferrer comes closest to that.

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Thank you for your reply!

First I had in mind similar to Dominican congregations. The only one I know of and could find was The Brothers of Saint John. This is, more or less, what I had in mind.

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These Brothers of St. John?

these, yes!

meanwhile i discovered The Community of the Lamb

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I’m curious, what about these guys makes you think they follow in the spirit of the Dominicans? Is it this (I don’t know of it’ll link to that section of their charism properly, but it’s the “Quest for Truth and Wisdom” section)?

i know them personally, that is why. They are sort of a reformed Dominicans, but without the power, history and people of the Dominicans. Also, they were in some scandals the recent years…

Ah, I see. And yes, the Dominicans have had scandals over our very long 800 year history. Sadly that’s what happens when your Order is comprised of sinners. :frowning_face: But not all of us are like that.

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