Congress ends US shutdown, avoids default


From the AP.


Kick the Can in 2014. Coming soon.


And in other new, the Smith family announced that it had successfully negotiated an increase in its credit card limit. “Now,” said Mr. Jones, “we can get back to our previous level of spending, which is a great deal more than our income.” When asked how he intended to pay off the credit card, Mr. Jones replied, “We will charge new purchases to our existing account, and also add in interest as it accrues. When we reach the limit again, well, I’m sure we can negotiate another increase in the limit. No one wants to see us default.”

Sorry, I just made that up.


It doesn't avoid default, it actually speeds it up. Continued borrowing, and printing of funny money will ensure default happens.

Such an awful day for this country.


It's a game. So, the ceiling goes from 13 to 14 trillion. Why not eventually going to 20 trillion? We could sell some northern states to Canada.



Big political loss for republicans.


Bigger loss for all of America.


The next time you pay your bills and balance your checkbook, realize that you are doing something that the current congress and president have never once done.

Imagine how easy it would be to pay your bills and balance your checkbook if you just borrowed more money every month.

The democrats blame the republicans. The republicans blame the democrats.

But the real blame lies with us. We keep voting as if there were ever only two choices. We keep doing the same thing and we keep getting the same results.

Will we do it again in the next election?

We get the government we deserve.

(and, just why do we have 800,000 non-essential government employees?)


Hardly. The next election is 13 months away. There will be far greater issues in focus at the time, and rememebr that in the House, the candidates answer to their districts. As long as they are pleased with the candidate, a poll of the party matters not at all. If the ACA continues to be a disaster and increase premiums, the Republicans will benefit. If it somehow defies the odds and becomes a success in people’s minds, it will hurt them.

People are swayed more by gaffes and poorly worded quotes that they are qualifications or accomplishments, if recent elections have taught us anything.


I think the Republicans coming out ahead on this thing is a long shot. Their leadership knew this was a big mistake yet they could not control their members. From a party stand point. They would have been bettter off if those seats had been held by moderate Republicans. Moderate Democrats for that matter. But in the end it’s always the same. Like you said, House members answer to their constituents. The stick being that everyone thinks their guy is great, and the rest have to go.

If you have learned anything from the past few elections your ahead of most people. The best I can come up with is voters are fickle.:slight_smile:



I agree that it doesn’t avoid default. Default has happened before, anyway. My issue is the threat of default was bogus. The amount needed for debt service, is something less than 12% of revenues.
But let’s pretend that default was going to happen, and let’s also pretend that Social Security payments would not go out, as the regime also threatened. There is significant meaning here.

  1. If the government must borrow money to pay the debt service, it is like a consumer whose credit cards are all maxxed out except one, which he uses to pay the monthly minimum on all the others.
    If its true, then default is imminent.

  2. If, in fact, the government cannot pay Social Security payments without borrowing money, then all the claims that Social Security is solvent until some date in the future is a lie. It is already insolvent.
    So much for the “trust fund”.



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