Congress Forgets Ban on Pet Projects

Some things never change…

Get out the trough, it’s feeding time. Congress has decided that an election year with recession written all over it is not the time to be giving up those job-producing ‘‘pork’’ projects bemoaned by both parties’ presidential candidates.

As lawmakers returned Monday from a two-week spring break, [House leadership] quietly shelved the idea of a one-year moratorium on so-called earmarks, the $18 billion in pet projects that lawmakers sent to their home states this year.

Earlier support for the moratorium evaporated

after the Senate turned a thumbs-down on the idea by a resounding 71-29 vote in mid-March.

The response from rank-and-file lawmakers after the Senate vote: They sent in so many last-minute earmark requests that a House Appropriations Committee Web site seized up and the deadline for requesting pork had to be extended.

I’m afraid our lawmakers will never have the collective backbone needed to stop this outrageous practice. Remember that, sadly, you and I keep electing these same guys term after term. They have no motivation to stop…Roanoker

Did you expect anything else? :rolleyes:

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