Congressman exposes fearmongering, martial law if bailout not passed

Congressman Brad Sherman stated on October 2nd that members of Congress were told before the bailout vote that Market would drop and martial law would be instigated in America if the legislation was not passed

I don’t think you mean “instigated”, but anyway, what good would martial law do?

Congressman Brad Sherman is referring to Congressional Martial Law, which is when the majority party pushes legislation through without the input of the minority party. He is not referring to the kind of martial law that you’re thinking of. Now I’m wondering if Rep. Sherman is that ignorant or if he was trying to whip up a paranoid frenzy.

Well that’s good to know! Thanks for clearing that up. My bad. :o

Don’t feel bad, the language he used was very misleading. “Martial law in America” :rolleyes: If you Google “congressional martial law” you will see that Pelosi did indeed invoke this concept during the discussions for the first bailout attempt (which failed.) Rep. Sherman was very irresponsible in the way he worded his comments today.

I had heard about “martial law” being instituted and thought that was so over the top as to be unbelieveable. I was trying to remember if Martial Law was even instituted in New Orleans following Katrina. The way that was thrown out there in a truly fear-mongering fashion reminds me of when certain congressmen proposed reinstating the draft (they themselves had no intention of voting in favor of it) then going to the media warning of how the draft was going to come back, as a means of sparking fear over the war.

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