Congressman jokes that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was groped by Abraham Lincoln



Another republican who opens mouth and
inserts foot! That was definitely poor taste especially in a debate.


There is a comedian on twitter. He says,”When he was being born, the doctor touched his umbilical cord. He’s been traumatized and is going to find him…”
“Ten years ago, his dog humped his leg & he hasn’t gotten over it yet…”
The Kavanaugh thing is a joke x for pain that Brett & family is going through!
36 yrs ago. Under 18 yrs of age. In a drunken teen culture, sneaking into homes w parents gone. 2 girls 4 boys. Drinking. Unchaperoned. Consensual. Kissing, groping, and fumbling. Girl changes mind & screams. He stops! Whoever it was, wasn’t Kavanaugh b/c all HER WITNESSES deny his presence… A fumbling drunk teen is being accused of an ALMOST RAPE! When does someone get charged w an ALMOST RAPE.
The second complaint: so drunk, she took six days, talking to Friends to reclaim her memory. She still isn’t sure. Her witnesses say, NOPE! Didn’t happen.
Both are DEM ACTIVISTS! Unless a juvenile has a thick packet from his youth, these sins can stay quiet. Juvenile records aren’t admissible in court! So, why was this?? If his whole adult life is impeccable, teen sins are just that-sins in teen age.
God forgive them for what they did to Kavanaugh & his family.
Mercy, God. Forgiveness, God.
The truth shall set us free. Holy Spirit guide the truth out.
In Jesus name


I thought it was mildly amusing and kind of refreshing to see someone unwilling to be cowed by political correctness, or whatever we’re calling it these days.


I thought it was mildly amusing too, but something I would say in a more non public setting. Republicans don’t need another reason to be labeled insensitive or
uncouth. Especially before the midterms.


When did the left need a reason to label Republicans in some derogatory way?


Actually I thought it was kind of funny, and certainly not newsworthy.

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