Conjoined Twins Need Prayers!


The 3 year old conjoined twins, Tatiana and Anastasia, are in need of our prayers. One of them has had brain swelling and the separation surgery cannot continue until it subsides or they discover what is causing it. Please let’s pray for them to be healthy and for their surgery to 1) be able to continue, and 2) be successful, allowing both girls to live a normal, healthy life. Thank you!,2933,278557,00.html


Imagine - creating 2 angels from 1 conjoined set of angels. May the medical team be guided by God’s hands. May their health and strength see them through this difficult process and peace to the family - may their fears and anxieties be calmed soon with blessed news.


**Praying for Tatiana and Anastasia!:gopray: **


O Heavenly Father, save your angels on earth if it is your will, and let them both be happy and safe for all times.


With my continued prayers - Joe


I will pray to God for the twins health. May GOD guide the hands of the surgeon’s, and our holy mother watch over them.

God Bless Girls,





I will add this to my prayer intentions.


I will pray for them.


They’re in my prayers. :signofcross:


The twins, Tatiana and Anastasia, are in our prayers.


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