Connecticut bill regulating Catholic Church pulled (CNA)

Hartford, Conn., Mar 10, 2009 / 05:53 pm (CNA).- Following a deluge of phone calls and emails, the bill introduced in the Connecticut Senate to reorganize the financial and pastoral structure of the Catholic Church has been pulled and tabled for the rest of the legislative session.

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I’m delighted, and thank God, and ask His blessings on all who stood against this Bill.

Odds are this is only the beginning. God help us all.

I’m afraid this may be the tip of the iceberg. However, Blessed are those who are persecuted, Jesus said…and the gates of hell will not prevail against His church. To bad the detractors don’t realize that.

Politicians are pragmatic vote-seekers and controversy-avoiders. Were I a betting man, I’d wager this bill has been put away to quietly (they hope) die.

Some very silly bills have gotten quite far in legislatures. A bill in Nebraska to legally make the value of pi 3 exactly got within one committee vote of going for final legislative approval.

Also, there’s indications that some folks woke up to the existence of a thing in the US called the “First Amendment”, and got rather nervous about proceeding.



:thumbsup:So happy this was pulled.
For one thing it violates the seperation of church and state in the constitution.
Secondly, something else may have been also pointed out to them in a phone call or email.
The priests and bishops work not for just a religion, but a sovergein government as well.
The Vatican is I believe recognized as a sovergein nation by the UN and the US and most governments around the world. This goes way back to the days of the Papal States,
before Garabaldi,and the revolution and that in Italy. I forgot all the details,but because of Italian politics, the papal states were reduced to what we have to day, which is Vatican City and the area surrounding it.The US has an ambassador in Rome.
What they were planning could there for be considered against International Law,
and violating any treaties between the US and the Vatican. Heads of states don’t go don’t go to the funeral of a pope for fun, but out of respect for a world leader.

I think these guys got told pull the bill, or something just might happen to you and it won’t be nice.
As you say, it is just the tip of the iceberg, and protestants better watch out, because it could happen to them too.

According to Glen Beck, this bill was introduced by two men angry at the Church’s stance on gay marriage, and instrigated by the promoters of Prop 8. This means you can expect this kind of stuff to happen all over America, because if the hand of California Prop 8 supporters can reach to the east coast, it can reach anywhere. This was just the beginning. Its time for Catholcs to rise up. Its also time for Catholics to quit voting for Liberal politicians!! Believe me, this thing ain’t over - it has just begun.

Unfortunately much of the support for this kind of legislation comes from within.

Those who call themselves Catholic, but are members of organizations like Voice of the Faithfull, are behind this. The law that was proposed is almost exactly phrased as one of the attorney members of Vof F has advocated for a long time.

This is not over. Count on many and frequent challenges to Holy Mother Church…and especially be aware of attacks from those who claim to be “concerned” Catholics.

I would be very careful with this approach, because under international law, sovereign states can be sued. The forum in the U.S. is in federal court. Think of the havoc this could cause with suits on alleged pedophiles. Many of these suits are against the dead who cannot even defend themselves , and our legislature was kind enough to say there would be no statute of limitations on this. So, be careful what you ask for.

One the sadder points of this effort to violate the Constitution is the apparent ignoring of what precipitated the angry parishioners. Yet another naughty priest with a boyfriend was stealing money.

It might actually be time for the Catholic Church to realize that managing the money is NOT an “ordination” thing like hearing confessions or teaching dogma. There is no reason that a pastor should have so little oversight spending OUR money!!! It is not 1865 anymore where Father is the only college educated person in the parish.

I am very traditional and full accept the teachings against divorce, birth control and stem cell research. I am not aware of a TEACHING that leaves the pastor in solitary control of the money. If that is in canon law okay but that should be changed. When we refuse to police ourselves that is how stupid lawmakers get involved and ruin the world.

Shame on the legislators but also shame on the BISHOPS when the screw these things up again and again.

This is fantastic news. The best part is the “deluge” of calls and emails. Good to know there are people who care and try to stand up for what is right.

Sinful acts by individuals does not excuse a constitutional violation, and don’t attribute these acts by a few onto every priest and bishop.

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