Connecticut priest rebuked for role in cousin's same-sex wedding

Connecticut priest rebuked for role in cousin’s same-sex wedding

Here is the New York Times announcement:

Roger Thomas Danforth and Richard James Termine were married Friday evening in New York. The Rev. David C. Parsons, a Lutheran minister, officiated aboard the Lexington, a chartered yacht, on the East River, with the Rev. Michael DeVito, a Roman Catholic priest and a cousin of Mr. Termine, assisting.

According to the NBC article the priest did a reading at his cousin’s wedding while wearing his Roman collar, which is why I assume that his boss, the Archbishop, got upset and formally rebuked him. I think the priest should have known his presence at a gay wedding as a Roman Catholic priest could upset his boss and thus should have sought permission from his boss beforehand.

I don’t know why NBC decided this was news because this is an issue between an employee of a private institution and his boss. Employees of other private businesses and institutions get reprimanded by their bosses too, but it doesn’t make the news.

Usually NBC does a poll at the bottom of their articles about whether or not bob jumped over the fence or not… that kinda thing. This time it was about whether the priest should have been rebuked or not.

over half voted that he did not deserve it. alot of the posters that said no were also probably non-catholic or non-practicing Catholics.

Now, a few of the pollers decided to comment on why they said no or yes. And one of them said that the “catholic church needs to grow up a bit and realize that many Catholics support marriage equality.” This is soooooo off since prolly 71% of those people aren’t even Catholic

What im just trying to say is that it’s frustrating that this whole country and world is starting to be more progressive and less traditional. UUUGGGHHHH:banghead:

I believe the priest could have certainly attended the wedding or whatever we want to call it, but shouldn’t have participated. He also shouldn’t have been wearing his collar- that was quite unnecessary.

I think given the circumstances that the Arch Bishop was very lienient. The priest has certainly hurt his own and the Church’s credibility. The priests actions send a wrong message that gay marriage and homosexual sexual practices are not gravely sinful and if unrepented of spiritually fatal.

And participating in an event that may well lead his relative to eternal damnation is not loving him! On the contrary he should have done everything he could to disuade him from engaging on such a spiritually dangerous course.

On the other hand, I think the AB’s actions help to strengthen the Catholic Church’s moral teaching authority in a world where so many Church groups are conceding the moral ground. This is not a completely bad story.

I honestly cannot comprehend how the people don’t understand that Truth is not dictated by majority opinion… Even if 100% of Catholics believed that, it wouldn’t make it true…

Seriously, the only reasoning I can come up with is that they are actively trying to remain stupid…

No, just that they are being led by a somewhat lower part of their being than their heads.:shrug:


I say good for that priest! It took a lot of courage to do what he felt in his heart was right, regardless of the consequences. To me, that’s a good quality for a priest to have, and I’d love to see more priests like him in the world.

I have a question. How do you know that he felt in his heart that his action was right? That is one heck of an assumption. As Catholics, we believe that God alone is the judge of the heart.

Well I imagine that if he felt in his heart it was wrong, he probably wouldn’t have done it. Maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds like he felt supporting his family was more important than his bishop’s reaction. I can’t imagine any other reason.

i agree 100%.

How about sin? People do things they know are wrong all the time. I would say rather being a priest, the assumption could be made that he knows what he did was wrong. There is no equivocation in Catholic doctrine on this topic. Yet we have sin as a universal condition. Therefore, I would think odds would favor sin being a factor rather than conscience.

Maybe he doesn’t agree with the Catholic view of sin. Heck, I know a Catholic priest who doesn’t believe in souls, the afterlife, or that anything special happens up at the altar – yet he still says Mass. Supporting your gay cousin on the happiest day of his life kind of pales in comparison. :shrug:

Seriously, the only reasoning I can come up with is that they are actively trying to remain stupid…

Dude you are not officially on my hero list!!!

It pales in comparison with a lifetime of damnation. I do not dismiss the possibility of sin so easily as you. I also do not understand “I know a Catholic priest that doesn’t believe anything Catholic”. That is like saying you know a cop that is also a serial rapist. If what you say is true, he would be a wolf in sheep’s clothes, an undercover agent from Satan.

I was married outside of the Church, and my parents refused to attend. When my mind finally straightened out, I went through the Church and my marriage was convalidated. My parents attended the convalidation cermony.

It’s the same thing.

Good for you!:thumbsup:

I don’t dismiss the possibility of sin, I just don’t think this was a sin. And yeah, I don’t understand the priest I was talking about either… But he is a Catholic priest, a Jesuit. Why stay a priest if you believe in nothing? I could speculate why, but apparently I’m not allowed to question people’s motives.

I think most Klansmen believe in their heart that what they are doing is right. If a Catholic priest participated in one of their activiies, would you still cheer him on? After all, it would be acting on the conviction of his heart, which, as you state, is a good quality for a priest to have.

I suppose there is a difference from being lost or just be defiant.
Same result however

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