Connecticut State Police on alert for possible threat to Obama


From the New Haven Register:

State police have been put on alert for a possible threat against President Barack Obama, according to a state police spokesperson.

Lt. Paul Vance explained he was given information by the U.S. Secret Service to be on alert for a person coming through the state who may have threatened Obama.

Obama is in Rhode Island Friday evening for a private fundraising event. According to a White House pool report, he arrived in Newport just before 7 p.m.

Prayers for his safety. Assassination is no way to go, regardless of what one thinks of a President.


May be related: President had been due to overnight in Westchester County, north of New York City tonight. Instead he is returning to the White House.


Will keep him in my prayers.


This poor man needs our prayers, He represents America, that would be the only reason he is threatened. Defending him is defending America.


As opposed to the treat of ISIS & the rest of the world…lovely +++


Doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible that one of these great false prophets will receive a mortal wound but not die and after he recovers all the people will think he’s great.


Probably not Obama, but if the cap fits !


He most certainly does not represent America.

Just because he is, until 11:59 AM EST, January 20, 2017, is the Chief Executive, does not make him an icon.

Or, shall I say, may God have mercy on this country if Barrack Hussein Obama II is an icon of this country.


I definitely sympathize for President Obama if someone threatens him, I sympathize for other politicians as well.

It makes one wonder about this threat, people looking for a Silver Jetta.

Recently, President Obama came to a nearby city and the roads and highways were all blocked off, the freeway was blocked off near the airport and then, somehow his appointments ran longer than expected and this one freeway was closed at least an hour extra than had been anticipated and the extra wait was no big deal.

And we know he has secret service all over the place.

So, I don’t doubt the threat but the logistics would seem to make most any threat remote. I hope they do identify the car and bring in the suspected person into custody.


In the last couple weeks we have heard.

ISIS will bomb chicago, vegas, the border, the Pope, and the president, and england.

Just a few months ago no one took this group seriously, now, they are freaking out over every propaganda this group tries to puff itself up with. I doubt anything will happen.

That being said, I am not going to any of those places any time soon…


Is this allegedly related to ISIS ? Haven’t heard anything regarding motives of the individual they’re looking for.


I don’t think Obama represents America. I think he is ashamed of America.

Still he is our president and I don’t want any harm to come to him.

Maybe Obama is afraid of ISIS.


Having Biden as the VP is probably the best security measure he could take.


I will pray for him. Even though I am Republican people need to cut him some slack.


Defending him is defending anti-American values.


Don’t misunderstand me. From my history of posts you can see that I believe Obama is one of your weakest Presidents since Jimmy Carter. But he does represent the Country and his office should still carry respect, even if the incumbent is so wanting. Any citizen deserves the protection of the State against terrorists,and surly this man above many deserves our prayers.




There’s only really one way to travel, so the route would be predictable. There will be hundreds of state police and local police looking for that vehicle.

a person coming through the state

silver 2014 Volkswagen Jetta.


Any person person present in the country, whether a citizen, national, or visitor, deserves protection against terrorist actions. I agree with that.

Obama is a high-value target…as such, he requires more protection than the random man-on-the-street. I grant you this and certainly do not begrudge him for being a high-value target.

The Office of the President functions as the head of one-third of our government: the Executive Branch. He deserves no more respect than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (who functions as the head of another third of the government: the Judicial Branch), or the President of the Senate / Speaker of the House (who, jointly, function as the head of the final third of the government: the Legislative Branch). These three branches are co-equal in our system of government. On a practical basis, this makes him, along with the heads of the other branches of government, makes him a higher-value target…as there would be a minor disruption in the Executive Branch if he was to be killed (having said that, the actual impact would be minor, as there are plenty of succession plans in place to accommodate those eventualities)

The Office of the President also, ceremonially, serves as the Head of State. Symbolically, this makes him a huge target for the reasons you state. But that is merely symbolism…it makes him more of a target but does not practically impact much at all. (Did the country come close to collapse when Kennedy was assassinated? McKinley? Garfield?)

The United States does not have an imperial presidency. The person occupying the role of President is not supposed to be our ruler; rather, he is supposed to be our servant. That is not intended to be an anti-Obama statement; that statement applies to anybody who is temporarily the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

The reason I reacted as forcefully as I did to your statement was not primarily due to the *He represents America *portion of the statement, but rather to the Defending him is defending America conclusion you draw.

The first portion, in of itself, could be reconciled with his role as ceremonial head of state. However, when combined with the remainder (Defending him is defending America), it means something different altogether. It sounds perilously close to the left-wing assertion, If you want Obama to fail, you want America to fail. If the US is ever so dependent upon the Executive Branch of the government for this to be true, then we have fallen beyond the point of no return.

While the assassination of any President would be symbolically a tragedy for the country, it would have far less impact on the country than, for example, the impact to a company if its CEO was assassinated.

The only scenario that would cause an authentic crisis would be one where all of the government executives were taken out in one fell swoop: for example, if one was to blow up the Capitol during a State of the Union speech. Even then, a small quantity of members of Congress and at least one Secretary of an Executive Branch cabinet level department are moved to a safe location well away from the Capitol in order to maintain Continuity of Government should such an event occur (they are called the “designated survivors”)


Nicole Mainor, a public affairs staff assistant for the Secret Service, sent the following statement: “Information has been received by law enforcement regarding a potentially suspicious person and vehicle. We are working with our local law enforcement partners to determine the validity of the information provided.”

**CAPTION: ** Biden says the Secret Service won’t let him drive his 1967 Corvette. Reuters *

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