Connecticut to Ban Gun Sales to Those on Federal Terrorism Lists


A couple thoughts.

  1. I don’t see how this passes Constitutional muster. The recent Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions clearly state that the 2nd amendment is an individual right and not based on membership in a militia. Depriving people of a civil right without due process is a clear violation of the 5th and 14th amendments.

  2. Connecticut passed an assault weapon registration in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. Connecticut gun owners have largely refused to comply. The proposed executive order seems more likely to increase contempt for the law and the potential for civil disobedience.

  3. For all the worry by the political establishment of taking actions that might “radicalize” Muslims, nobody seems all that concerned with the potential for radicalizing US gun owners. It’s almost as if their trying to provoke a civil insurrection.

  4. On the plus side, any legal challenges would probably force some much needed visibility into the “terrorist watch list”. Perhaps we will learn how someone like the late Senator Ted Kennedy makes it on the “terrorist watch list” but neither the San Bernardino shooters nor the Boston bombers were.


The governor of Connecticut is also planning to revoke valid state gun permits already issued to those on the no-fly list. Not sure how he could do this, given the protection against ex-post-facto laws. Those people haven’t done anything to cause such a revocation. Seems to me that this kind of political grandstanding has more to do with Malloy’s enhancing his political résumé than any kind of public protection. Given that there’s no constitutional right to fly, one wonders if Malloy would take the next step of preventing registered Connecticut gun owners from flying out of Connecticut airports, which after all are state-run facilities. The constitutional right to bear arms doesn’t seem to be slowing him down.


Ted Kennedy was on that list. So was Nelson Mandela. So was Steven Hayes. Only God and the Justice Department knows who is on it or why. Janet Napolitano, of course, famously averred that prolife demonstrators should be on the terrorist watch list.

This kind of thing is just a ruse to eliminate a lot of guns owned by people who pose no threat to anyone, because additions to the list can be very arbitrary. And of course, the San Bernardino shooters weren’t on it. If Obama had his way, everybody in the country would be on it so they couldn’t have a gun.

The thought itself is good, but the list is bad.


Like any other gun control measure, it won’t work well (and I’m sure Molloy will get sued on this as he rightly should be) because ineffective government will be at the root of it all.

We can already see the process doesn’t work because of San Bernadino, and that tracks because it’s the same fundamental system that isn’t working.


I agree. I think this is all about gun control and using national security, which has been used to justify all sorts of nonsense. :rolleyes:


Donald Trump suggests suspending immigration privileges to Muslims until proper vetting can be established

  • Gets pilloried because the idea is so generic and unfairly hurts innocent people.

Governor Clueless pushes for suspending constituional rights to those on an arbitrary watch list.

  • Judging by the posts on here, the left applauds the move and necessary for safety, despite unfairly hurting innocent people.

Come again?


Obamas right hand man, Obama is preparing national executive order right behind this. And Chis Murphy decided he wanted Congress to declare war on Isis yesterday. Pretty sure Malloy will be leaving next election, fact is he was the best of bad and bad. :wink:


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