Connecting a PS3 to the Internet

I want to connect my ps3 to the internet. I have my ps3 connected with an ethernet cable to my motorola SB5120 modem. I have Comcast internet. I’m able to manually put in IP and Obtain my IP address but keep getting a DNS Error. I want to connect w/o a router if that’s possible. I’ve tried changing firewall settings on my PC and nothings working. Is there an initial sign up you have 2 do first? If not are there any ways to stop the DNS error? I’ve tried googling it and watching youtube videos but nothings working.

Sorry. I can’t help i play xbox. With xbox you have to pay to use it. So probably sony does the same. And you have to sign up with them.
This site should help. Its where i go for this sort of info. I allways find them fairly reliable. go to the tech and hardware section. You might …well will have to sort through the people calling you a noob idiot excetra. Just don’t take anything personal. And what ever you don’t say you’re not from australia if you can help it. . But you will find someone who will help your questions. You have to join up to post. And what ever you do , don’t post in the general section asking for help.

PS3 has free internet…Not sure I wanna phone austrailia though right now but I’ll figure it out eventually

You don’t have to phone there. You visit through the internet. duh. But why ask a question. then when pointed towards the answer you say you will figure it out? But you don’t have to pay play ps3 online? i wish i knew that… Before i brought a xbox. :mad:

I don’t have a PS3 but can offer a bit of insight after trying to get my son’s Nintendo DS on the internet.

The first thing I’d do is go to Motorola’s website and see if there’s a tutorial there.

Next I’d check out PS’ website.

I’m guessing that the DNS error is either the Motorola trying to give the PS3 an ip address and you gave it one manually, the ip address you gave it isn’t in the valid range ( or or your gateway number 255.etc isn’t correct with the level ip you’ve entered.

Yes, playing PS3 online is FREE!! That is the main reason my son bought a PS3 over an xbox.

I called the U.S. PS3 Tech Support line and the Lady was very helpful…I tried a few days ago and got nobody on the line…She had me change some settings and I can now use my ps3 online w/o a router. The Catch is that I can’t use my PC and PS3 online at the same time…so I may invest in a wireless router in the future…but it is cool and free :clapping::clapping::clapping:

I’ve had Comcast. You can’t do that with their company. Comcast assigns a dedicated IP address to your device that you used to subscribe to their service, and only this device is recognized by their interface. Even if your IP configuration is set to automatic, Comcast is set to be dedicated. To connect a PS3 to Comcast, you must purchase a second IP address, which basically means that you will be paying for two separate internet connections in your home. Your setup may not look that way, but that is what will appear on your bill. Your best bet is either to purchase a router, most of which allow up to four devices to interface through it, or get a different internet provider. I have Verizon FIOS, and they provide a wireless router as part of their service. I have an awesome connection, plus the wireless part comes in handy. Sorry, but with Comcast, router is the only way to go, unless you tell them that your PC doesn’t need to be a connecting device anymore. Yeah, they’re cheap, but until the competition is widespread, they’ll keep doing it.

I was able to do it…I just can’t use both at the same time

Nice work! That’s news to me as I haven’t had Comcast in two years.

Yeah you basically have to plug the USB out of the modem…Plug in the eternet cable…unplug/replug in the modem turn it on and your golden…I’m cheap so I’m willing to do this rather than go out and buy wireless router right now

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