Conscience, confession, and communion


At times when I am eating my meals, I eat after my stomach is filled/satisfied. I keep thinking that it’s gluttony. I’ve asked my priest before, and he said it is only a sin if you make yourself sick from eating too much. My conscience keeps bugging me every time I eat though, I am scrupulous, can I still confess that overeating even if my priest told me it’s not a sin? Plus, I have been a hypocrite I believe. I notice my brother eats a lot, and he notices how I get upset by it, at the same time I myself eat more than I should. Should I confess that too?

Another question:
Today I went to daily mass, received communion, after that there was a funeral that I stayed to watch. I received communion again at that funeral. I know you can receive communion twice, as long as the second is a full mass. So does a funeral count as well? Also during the funeral I stepped out for a moment to let my Mom know I was at a funeral.


johnnyt, it seems like you posted somewhere else that you have OCD? Do you see someone about this? Please understand that God isn’t sitting back somewhere checking off how closely you stick with the rules. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light, or at least it’s supposed to be. Relax. Enjoy faith, enjoy being with the Lord. You make demands on yourself that He has nothing to do with!

I don’t know how old you are, but it seems you might be young. Do your parents know how much you struggle with scrupulosity? Have they suggested you get help for it?

I have a little OCD myself, so I know what a burden it can be. If you can at least separate the OCD from your beliefs about God, even that would be a relief for you. God bless you.


Your said you are scrupulous. Your priest told you that you haven’t committed a sin. It is imperative that you follow your priests direction in this matter. Scrupulosity robs you of your sense of the degree of sinfulness. Accept God’s love for you and stop worrying about this. Let your priest help you decide what is truly sinful.


:thumbsup: Can’t state it better. JohnnyT, I believe you had another thread recently in which you were told you were over the top. Try not to overthink things! :slight_smile:



You MUST obey your confessor and focus on getting well. Do NOT confess things that are not sins.

You need professional care. PLEASE get a therapist AND a spiritual director to help you with these thoughts.

The funeral Mass is a Mass. So yes.

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