Conscience vs. rationalization


Has anyone questioned an instance of their conscience leading them to question (defy) church teachings?

Is there a method to disccern conscience vs. rationalizing?


I think we all have doubts at times, but I place trust in Christ’s Church (Catholic) because it is guided by the Holy Spirit and it is Apostolic.

What are you looking to discern?


I spent the greater part of my adult life placing my conscience against Church teaching on a wide range of moral and doctrinal issues. It has taken until the brink of old age for me to realize that 2000 years of accumulated wisdom and teaching guided by the Holy Spirit trumps my conscience, especially when I deliberately refuse to read or hear any teaching that contradicts my opinion. I know “invincible ignorance” applies to someone who cannot learn the truth. What is the term for the ignorance of someone who actively fights against hearing the truth?


Conscience is a judgment based on accepted facts, not a gut feeling. The Conscience must be formed on the basis of Truth; some accepted authority for Truth.

Where do you get Truth from? A properly formed Conscience accepts the Catholic Church as the source of Truth. If your conscience is leading you to question Church teaching it is using some other basis for Truth. Do you believe that that other basis is more valid than the Church?


I apologize for wording my question poorly, but you all seem to have discerned what I meant.:o

I respect your experience. Are you saying there is no place for conscience?


I heard Father Corapi talking about this on the radio just the other day. He said that, when he was a druggie and partier, his mother would ask him “Doesn’t your conscience bother you?” and he said, no, it actually didn’t.

He said our consciences can be damaged like frostbitten fingers and we cease to even know what we’re doing any more.

I think that’s what he said, anyway.


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