I noticed several years ago when I was baptized into the church and receive absolution at times that my conscience seems to have been heightened. Is this part of receiving the holy spirit or grace from forgiveness of sin?


I would say it is. I have experienced the same thing, and if we go to confession often and make a good practice of examining our conscience, it tends to increase our awareness of what we have done wrong. One thing I improved in over time was realizing that any given sin, lets say “being rude” to another person, is associated with at least one or two others that seem to be less obvious. In this case it could be pride and selfishness. (Just an example of possible sins associated with rudeness.)

Being able to look at our sins honestly and associate a particular action with attitudes and behavioral issues tends to help us be more honest and thorough when we go to Confession. We can usually figure out our immediate sin or action like “I lied” or " missed Mass", but we have to work harder at figuring out what is behind the behavior that was sinful. Lies can happen out of fear, guilt and as efforts to look better than others as one example. Missing Mass might be related to being lazy, angry at someone, or doubts in our faith.

I think this is why examination of conscience is so important and must be done thoroughly.

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