I have severe anxiety and OCD. I’m reading a highly recommended book by Dr.David Burned, When Panic Attacks.
He’s talking about how PET scans can’t tell us how the brain creates the feelings, and he says, " In fact, we don’t even know how the brain creates consciousness, much less abnormal states of consciousness such as depression, rage or a panic attack."

Doesn’t this contradict the theory that the mind, or soul is the seat of consciousness?

I don’t think it contradicts it since the soul can’t be studied by scientific means. The brain may not provide any help in regards to searching for the cause of consciousness, but that doesn’t mean the soul is likewise not responsible for consciousness. It is the spirit in man that controls the body so the cause of things may not be found in the body.



The author’s name is Dr. David Burns, not Dr. David Burned, as the OP initially wrote.

Oh I see, thank you.

The authors last name is Burns, not Burned.

Oh okay, thank you. Sorry for misunderstanding. :o

They **can’t **solve out the process, and this is supposed to disprove the human soul?


If they could, by PET scans or otherwise, solve this out as a brain process, they’d have a partial point.


So what he says doesn’t contradict our belief in the human soul?



What’s AFAICT mean?

I think it means “As far as I can tell”.

Ok, thanks.

I don’t think that the brain “creates consciousness.” Rather it is the intellectual faculty of the soul which interacts with the brain to create thought. But many academics do not believe in the soul. Emotions and imagination, however, do have a strong material component that depends on the brain.

Without the emotional and imaginative functions however, one could argue that there was nothing to be conscious of.

In fact, consciousness insofar as it is a body state, is very much a brain function, governed by the brain stem.


Do you think that what the doctor said contradicts our faith with regard to the soul?

Not at all. Humans are a composite of body and soul. The material aspect of humans, especially the brain, are important in generating such things as emotions, feelings, mental states. (Purely spiritual beings such as angels, are unemotional.)

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