Consecrated Host Returned, OKC Archbishop Drops Lawsuit



Consecrated Host Returned, OKC Archbishop Drops Lawsuit
Posted: Aug 21, 2014 5:55 PM EDT Updated: Aug 21, 2014 7:23 PM EDT
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The consecrated host, who Oklahoma City’s Archbishop claims was stolen by Satanic Priest Adam Daniels for use in September’s “Black Mass”, has been returned.

An attorney representing the satanic church presented the host to a catholic priest in Oklahoma City, Thursday afternoon. …


I appreciate very much that they did that.

But a priest from another country sending a Host to them over the mail?

How odd. :confused:


I really hope that it was really the consecrated host, and if so all of our prayers were heard. Thank you St. Michael.


I do not vouch for the truth of this claim, but the organizer of the “Black Mass” in Oklahoma City said that it was Catholic priest in Turkey, who secretly practiced “Satanism”, and was murdered for practicing “Satanism”.

If this account is true, and I have serious doubts that it is anything more than a false claim for publicity, we must pray for the mortal soul of this fallen priest.


Second thought: The organizer is truly an awful person:

Firstly, He claimed his affliate was martyred for practicing Satanism, then says he refuses to “[fight] over a nasty cookie that some man [the alleged murder victim] said a prayer over”.


May God have mercy.


One of the criteria to be met to be a Satanic priest allegedly is, to first be ordained as a Catholic priest. So either it was a lie, a fallen priest, or an infiltrator. All are possibilities IMO.


It is certainly convenient to blame an anonymous priest from a foreign country rather than pin the blame on someone who could potentially be held criminally liable for theft.

I can’t believe how many typos he had in his press release.


Satanism is mostly a bunch of board atheists that what to troll Christians. Rarely is there any authentic belief in Satan. I cannot imagine that a such an individual could be so dedicated in his ruse to go through four years of formation and training just to mock the faith. I think it far more likely he swiped it from the communion line, and didn’t want to admit in court there was no priest in Turkey killed by Muslim terrorists.


You’d be surprised at the amount of dedication some Satanists have. Many of them fast and abstain too just like us Christians, although for an evil cause, such as for more abortions to take place in the world. There are some orders of “Orthodox Satanists” that believe and worship a literal Satan too.


These are some interesting and specific claims. Do you have a source where we can read more about these things?


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