Consecrated life over marriage-Trent council dogm?


Just a week ago, I attended the lecture given on theme of vocation by Austrain Jesuit Father. He had said something like that cannot be declared clearly which vocation is better-consecrated life or marriáge. Thereafter I asked him about Trent declaration which solemnly put consecrated life above marriage. He responded that this has been abrogated by Vatican II. Is it really so? Can really be a dogm abrogated?
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If I am reading it correctly, the post-Vatican II Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1620, quoting St. John Chrysostom, refers to marriage as “good” and to virginity for the sake of the Kingdom as “the most good.”


Of course it cannot.
It’s a fact and even the pope cannot change that.

It seems though that the Church today is full of “popes” who want things their way and not God’s.


Why are we to suppose that God Himself would create Adam in the beginning with just “good” and not “the most good,” as marriage to Eve was God’s idea to begin with?

Why is it God had the less good planned for Adam?

Is that God’s nature?

“It is not good for man to be alone…”


That has not been abrogated by Vatican II. Things may be understood differently (and sometimes I think that even among more orthodox Catholic groups, this is misunderstood), but not abrogated. The religious life is not a greater calling in the sense that someone who follows it is inherently holier, or more loved by God, or more capable of becoming a saint. It is a higher calling in the sense that religious are called to a further denial of themselves- in consecrating themselves totally to God and to the Church.

In choosing the consecrated life, one gives up the possibility of marriage- since this goes against cultural norms moreso than marriage, it is a greater sacrifice, in a way- that is what the priesthood and religious life are supposed to be- sacrifices. There is no sacrifice without the opportunity to choose another option (and that option be a good option to choose…the sacrifice is that you choose another one instead- because God calls you to a closer union with Him through the priesthood and/or consecrated life). This “sense of being called” is the one area I think even those orthodox in their faith are seriously lacking in understanding.


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