Consecrated music?

is it sinful to give an unproper usage to music like for example the Hallelullah, i dont mean like playing it just for the music, since i dont think there is a problem with that. but for example change lyrics, or in a very extreme cases use it were it is used in a sinful way, for example being hearing it instead of being doing something you really have to. also the same with movies where they show the life or Christ or something like that, I think they are movies, yes, but somehow i think since they speak about Jesus, we should have some degree of respect, or am i wrong?

and just because of that, what is consecration and what things can be consecrated?

What do you mean the Hallelujah? The Hallelujah Chorus is a secular work by George Handel, and is used in many places (like movie soundtracks) to express joy, besides it’s use as an orchestral/choral work.
Or do you mean the Alleluia at Mass? :confused:

Material objects or persons may be consecrated, specifically (according to the New Advent encyclopedia) only a fixed altar of a church, an altar stone of a church, a chalice, and a paten are the only objects that may be consecrated and a bishop is the only person who may be consecrated. The consecration of a church is called its dedication.

When we speak of the bread and wine at mass being consecrated at mass the they no longer substantially exist as bread and wine but through the process of transubstantiation become the Body and Blood of Christ.

Regarding music, it’s hard to desecrate a tune, no matter how familiar we are with it being used in a sacred manner. As for movies about Christ, it is the responsibility of producers and directors to present the material in a respectful manner. Our responsibility is to respect the subject matter, not necessarily the artists’ rendition of the subject.

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