Consecrated virginity


Hi all!
I’ve been discerning a vocation to religious life and am praying that I find a community that is a good fit for me. However, due to college debt and a medical condition that may or may not be chronic, I might not be able to enter a religious community. It’s not completely hopeless, but I still feel like I should have a plan B so to speak.
So I’ve been looking into third orders and possibly lay consecrated virginity.
Is anyone here a consecrated virgin or has any experience with lay consecrated life?
I know some of you are members of Third Orders, and I would love to here about them!

Thanks and blessings!


I’m not a consecrated virgin, but I am actively discerning. Consecrated virginity is not a fallback if one can’t join a religious order. They are two very distinct vocations. You have to make sure you have actually been called to live a life of consecrated virginity in the world. It is not an easy vocation, as you don’t have a rule of life as you would in a convent, nor do you take vows and have someone who is a strict superior. Furthermore, consecrated virginity isn’t something that one can be released of such as with vows. Consecrated virginity is forever.


Doesn’t a Bishop have the power to release you of those vows? Try Bishop at times will release priest from saying the office of the Church when they are working retreats.


the poster known as serra semper is a cv. the consecration is just that–a consecration from which one cannot be dispensed. if a cv sins and loses her physical virginity, she is banned from communion until her deathbed.

live a chaste life for the lord while in the world, and see what happens down the road. cv is not a fall-back, although i have heard of some discerning this due to medical conditions. the devil tempts us according to state-in-life.

i am a lay dominican, and there are other third order members on these boards. you will need to find your spirituality first, then discern which community in that spirituality appeals to you. the holy ghost works on attraction. you also need to know what doesnt attract you.

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A consecrated virgin does not take vows. She is consecrated. A consecration can not be released from. It is permanent, just like a chalice, once consecrated, remains consecrated unless it is melted down or destroyed.

A bishop dispensing a priest from saying the Office is completely unrelated. Priests are canonically bound to recite the Office. Consecrated Virgins are not canonically bound to do so.

A consecrated virgin is consecrated to a life of perpetual virginity. That can’t be undone.


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