Consecrated Virginity


I know that for consecrated virgins, one must (obviously) be a virgin, have never married, or lived in open violation of chastity. How is eligibility affected if a candidate who has struggled privately with individual impurity wants to apply? Clearly there would be a question of whether she was called to that life, but if she had repented of her impurity and lived chastely for some time without ever losing her virginity, is consecration possible? It’s all up to the bishop in the end, but I was curious to know if anyone had any information on this.


I think yes, you can apply, but it would be best to seek advice from his Secretary or from the Bishop himself. I would think in most cases it would also be up to the vocational director/formulator, or some kind of review board if the community has one. Also, I don’t think that you would be the only one who has had these kinds of struggles, in a community or outside of one. BTW, isn’t that why we go to confession and to let the sacrament of confession change us to go forward? And you can ask the question in confession, also. Peace


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