consecrated virgins


ive read this is for women. iwas wondering if theres like a counterpart for men. ?
since mostly some women saints are titled as virgins, but men aren’t, at least from what i see.


Priests, perhaps?

I know, its not quite the same thing, although it does offer a bit of balance.


Deacons basically agree to a vow of chastity unless they are married. If they are married, they agree that if their wife passes before them they will be chaste the rest of their lives.


The priesthood, the Diaconate.

Although, if you are reffering to a celibate male vocation that does not necessarily fall into the Sacrament of Holy Orders, there are many religious orders that a man can join as a brother or a clerical oblate, but is not a priest. It depends on what kind of life is desired- contemplative, active, ect.?


They could also be hermits, with or without any kind of formal canonical recognition. Or at least I would like to think so.


Yes, that last post is true…Hidden lives…


Yes! they are called monks, or brothers.


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