consecration of the Eucharist

To all the Priests who are willing to answer,
Do you feel anything at the moment of consecration? Can you describe how you felt the very first time you transformed the bread and wine into the body and blood of our Savior? i recently took an online course through Notre Dame “Step” called “Eucharist” and this question has been burning inside me. My current Pastor, isn’t really the sharing type, so I don’t feel comfortable asking him, but I really want to know. I can’t even imagine how that must feel for you, please share your thoughts and feelings, you can’t imagine how that can help other’s!

Each time: I sense the awesome power of God, and I feel a love in my heart that frequently brings tears to my eyes.

The first time it was all chanted, in Latin, and when the consecration came it was upon me faster than I expected, and I just kept going even though I felt a sense of unworthiness. I am not worthy to say these words!. Who can conceive of the power of God?

wow, Thank you so much! I can only imagine it to be all you said. Sometimes, at mass, i feel like some priest’s may be “going through the motions” I am sure they are not, but they do have to get through it. Sometimes there must be a “pressure” or maybe “expectation” by the congregation? (does that make sense?)
Sad to say, I am a "cradle Catholic’ and only now, at the age of 49 am understanding the magnitude of what you are able to do everyday! How incredibly awesome! Still one question, is there a particular moment during the Consecration? is it always the same moment? or does it move with your particular rhythm of the day?

there is no particular feeling attached to the consecration. while the holy mass is always valid, the feeling and graces from it emanates from the individual’s faith and piety. that means a priest can feel so overwhelmed to the extent of shedding tears while another will simply read through the prayers as if it is a conference. in either way the consecration always takes place; only that the merit is affected

I have often wondered this question myself. Never would have thought to actually ask it. How does it feel to be a priest during this sacred moment. Thank youl:)

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