Consecration to Jesus through Mary Ceremony


So, next Monday on the eleventh (Feb. 11), I will totally consecrate myself to Jesus through Mary, giving her all that I can possibly possess. I would like to have a priest at my consecration especially my confessor for he is a very holy priest. What prayers should he say and what should he wear (cassock and surplice, etc.)? Please provide as much information as possible because I need to contact him about this today! Thanks and God Bless!!



I guess it’s what you want to make out of it. There’s no prayers that he has to say per se. You have to make the consecration and say the prayer. There are a few different ways to go through the Total Consecration- I did the 33 day Montfort one. I went to Mass that day (Our Lady of Guadalupe), made my Consecration and that was it. No ceremony, no recognition, just Mary, Jesus and me. My Priest, who knew about my Consecration beforehand and gave me some advice, said “Good Job” after Mass. That was enough for me.

Congrats and God Bless,


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