Consecration to Mary & Joseph

I have a couple of questions regarding consecration to Mary and Joseph (two that I’ve heard a lot about).

  1. What does it mean to consecrate yourself, your work, children, etc?

  2. Can you consecrate yourself more than once (ex: Mary and Joseph)

  3. Are there any other popular consecrations?

Thank you and God bless!

A good discussion of consecration in general, and consecration to Mary in particular, is here:

Fr. Calloway’s description of what it means to be consecrated to St. Joseph is here:

Yes, Fr. Calloway specifically answers this on his page linked above:

If you have already consecrated yourself to the Virgin Mary, can you be consecrated to St. Joseph, as well?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” God desires that all children be committed to the care of a mother and a father. You are not a member of a single-parent spiritual family. Mary is your spiritual mother, and St. Joseph is your spiritual father. The spiritual fatherhood of St. Joseph is extremely important for your spiritual growth. Total consecration to Mary is not diminished by total consecration to St. Joseph. Mary wants you to consecrate yourself to St. Joseph! Jesus wants you to consecrate yourself to St. Joseph! Everything you have given to Jesus and Mary can also be given to St. Joseph. The hearts of Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph are one.

I have gone through the process to be consecrated to both.

There’s one to the Holy Angels that I have known about for a while and was pointed out to me by someone who used to post here and was consecrated to the Holy Angels.
I have not yet consecrated mysef to the Holy Angels. I might in the future.


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