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I’ve just been reading St Louis de Montfort, and I am profoundly uncomfortable with the style and level of devotion he suggests. I don’t like the idea of ‘slavery’ to Mary - that the only way to Jesus is through her. How can we have a personal relationship with Jesus if He is constantly angry with us, and we have no access to Him except through His Mother?


St Louis said that the total consecration is the surest, quickest, and easiest way. It is up to you to choose your way to go to Him, but Jesus is not going to get angry with you for your choice; however, according to the Saint, Jesus will surely be pleased if you go to His Mother as He entrusted Her to us on the Cross.

If you are a soldier of Mother Mary, you are Jesus’ soldier.
If you are Her “slave”, you are Jesus’.

For now, if you are not comfortable about it, my advice is to pray that you need and trust Her more and more. Don’t do the total consecration if you don’t believe it. At the same time, you also need to trust in Jesus that He is not going to deny you for loving and trusting His Mother; after all, He was in Her care on earth for 30 years.

I used to be uncomfortable about it, but only through praying and being patient to allow God to work in me, I have come to the consecration, and I could see the great effect of Her caring for Her children.


Doesn’t it distance you from Jesus or the Father? I don’t like the idea of being told that I’m so worthless that I can’t even approach either of them. I don’t say that because I think I am so righteous that I can reach God, but that God is so perfect that he humbles Himself to reach us. Does that make sense?

Anyone fancy persuading me otherwise?


Pride. It’s pride, even if you can’t see it. The mere fact that an all-powerful, all-perfect God WOULD humble Himself to reach us should make us all the more aware of our unworthiness. As Our Lady’s cousin said, “Who am I that the Mother of My Lord should visit me?”

Honestly, it shouldn’t take the Consecration to make us realize how lowly and miserable we are- we should have perfect understanding of our attachment to sin and imperfection every time we receive Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The Consecration just helps us reach that level of self-awareness.


Yes, God is so perfect that He humbled Himself to reach us. The way He did this was through Mary — by becoming human in her womb, and by subjecting Himself to her. Then, from the cross, He gave her to us as our mother. Don’t you think He expects us (mere humans) to be subject to her at least as much as He (God) was?

If God comes to us through Mary, it makes sense to respect the “channel” He chose by returning to Him the same way.

There’s no way that loving Jesus’ mother would distance me from Him. An analogy: I love my mother. When my friends show respect to my mother, I am grateful to them for that. If they were to ignore my mother, I would be offended. I imagine Jesus feels the same way about His mother.

The slavery of which Montfort speaks is the slavery of love, not of tyranny. We love Mary so much that we will do anything she wants us to do. And, since her will is always in perfect union with God’s, when we serve her we are at the same time serving God.

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