consecration to Mary??

So this SD who I have only met with twice told me last time to do the consecration to Mary. Tomorrow I am supposed to do it and I don’t quite feel ready. My friends said this sounds rather protestant, but I LOVE Mary. I pray the rosary daily and appreciate her so much for what she did to me. But some parts of this book by Louis Du Montford (sp?) makes it seem like he couldn’t live without Mary. I would rather consecrate myself directly to Jesus than go through Mary. Should I continue with it even though my heart is not in it?

Discern God’s Will. :slight_smile: Ask yourself if what you’re going to do is your will or God’s will. Pray. Ask Him what He wants you to do. Ask Him to put in your heart His desires and ask His help to fulfill them. :slight_smile:

I think that if you do not feel ready, as yet, then do no do it yet. The consecration to Mary is not something to be taken lightly, nor done on the spur of the moment because others have urged it to be so.

St. Louis Marie De Montfort had a very deep devotion to Mary and this devotion was the cause of his feelings towards her.

But before you make a commitment, explore the mother of God more. Find out and be secure in your own mind, of the paramount position she occupies in Heaven.

Before time began, and before there was creation, Our Mother and her Son, Jesus, were in the mind of God. In one “timeless” as I like to say it, moment, God knew all of creation and its result. He knew that 1/3 of all the angelic host would fall; he knew that man would fall and that only a perfect sacrifice from a God made man, born of a pure and sinless woman, would sufice to redeem mankind; he knew that that woman, Mary, would suffer dearly, her heart pierced through by a sword of suffering in seeing her only son mercilessly killed. Our Lord so loved this woman, that upon her death, he took her soul and her body into Heaven. There, she was crowned Queen of Heaven and of Earth, and made The Meadiatrix between ourselves and her son, as well as the keeper and dispenser of all of God’s graces.

It is fitting to give her devotion for these reasons. Her influence with God is immense. She interceeds for us, much in the same way that Moses and Aaron interceded to God on behalf of the Jewish people whom God, on more that one occassion might have destroyed, if not for the timely intervention by these two.

Do not consecrate yourself to Mary if you are not yet ready, or do not understand its meaning. Your consecration doesn’t mean that you must become a monk, or run around beating yourself with wips while you hold a statue of Our Lady. It does mean that you devote your spiritual time to, among other things, the intentions of the Blessed Virgin, and that you pray through her to our Lord.

Blessings Upon you.

^^thank you so much for your response. I think it is something that I am just going through the motions for and that I should not do the full consecration until I have a great desire for it.

I pray for God’s will daily. I seem to not be able to hear what He wants me to do. I can see it in retrospect but rarely proactively.

Dear Jackiem,
I will say to you, the first time that I made the consecration, I really didn’t appreciate fully what I was doing…really a lot like when I went to first communion in 2nd grade. I knew what was essential, to receive Jesus worthily, I knew it was Him. To consecrate yourself to Mary, all you really have to know, to begin with, is that you are placing your trust in Jesus’ mother, in the same way as He placed His trust in His mother when He was on earth.
I see from your post that she has blessed you in the past…well when you consecrate yourself to her, she very powerfully intercedes with her son on your behalf, in a way that you could not conceive before the consecration…Don’t go only on your feelings; feelings come and go. If you trust this SD, I’d try to be as obedient as you could be to what he tells you! However, you could ask to delay until you could do your consecration on a major Marian solemnity! Mine is on the Immaculate Conception!

God Bless!
To Jesus, through Mary!


I think it really depends. If you really understand this and what it means and the day before you’re just suddenly feeling unsure about the whole thing, that just might be a trial of some sort. But it might also mean that you’re not ready. I wanted to make this consecration and while ago and it didn’t work out, so now I’m planning on making it in July on the feast day of Our Lady of Mt Carmel. My reasoning here is that I wasn’t prepared before, and now that I look back, I see that I wasn’t. I’m not saying this to discourage you…just think about it and see where you are.

This consecration is pretty serious cause it’s essentially like making yourself a slave (willingly). That sounds very …well, intense, because it sort of is. When a person lives out this consecration (because of course, the whole point of making it is to live it out afterwards), they try to give up their own will. There are people who make the consecration not realizing what it meant until afterwards, and don’t immediately start living it out, and that might mean that they weren’t ready… but if they’re ready now, that means God gave them graces through it anyways :slight_smile: sort of like how some people become believers long after their Baptism.

That is wonderful that you love Mary :slight_smile: what do you mean by your friends saying it’s too “protestant”? hehe I’d say Protestants wouldn’t agree with de Montfort at all :wink:

To be honest the only part of your post that sort of makes me think is this:

But some parts of this book by Louis Du Montford (sp?) makes it seem like he couldn’t live without Mary. I would rather consecrate myself directly to Jesus than go through Mary.

Maybe it would help you to read the book again but very slowly and prayerfully. Which book do you mean, True Devotion or the Secret of Mary? Both are good… (true devotion is more indepth)
It’s a VERY deep book and every time I open it I seem to learn something new that I never noticed before. It’s definitely the sort of thing you can re-read over and over again.

Here’s why I’m saying this… and again, I don’t know where you are, I only have your one post to go by,

one important part of this devotion, it seems, is seeing the importance of going to Jesus through Mary. If you don’t really see the importance, maybe you just need some more time to think about it. (and pray about it). You already love Mary and pray the Rosary so it sure doesn’t sound like you’re blocking yourself from her in any way. That is good… but sometimes we just need time to understand concepts like this cause they’re sort of mystical. We have to almost ‘feel’ them before we can understand them with our minds.

hmm Maybe it would help if I summarized why I think we can go through Mary…

Mary only ever does God’s will, so when we come to her, we can’t help but start loving Jesus better. When we say “Mary”, she answers “Jesus”. So if we are truly devoted to her, this is for the ultimate end of being more devoted to Him. The reason why de Montfort says that it’s good to consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary and not simply through Jesus (though there’s nothing wrong with that!!) - is because while He is perfect and reaches down to us in a perfect way, our own efforts to reach Him are imperfect. The way we pray, worship, serve Him, the way we love Him, all need improvement. So if we consecrate ourselves to Jesus directly, what He does would be flawless, but what we do in cooperation with His grace would be lacking. We can still achieve holiness in this way, don’t get me wrong!! But it’s longer. The way through Mary is the easier way… because when we consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary, she takes all our efforts that I just spoke about, and perfects them. So now what Jesus does is perfect, and our own cooperation, love, worship, etc, - is much better - because our Mother helps us with it. It’s like…she takes us by the hand, and leads us to her Son. Sure, we can walk to Jesus without her too, but it’s much safer, surer, and perhaps quicker, with her. And, she’s a loving Mother and it’s wonderful to know her :slight_smile: Although I haven’t myself yet made this consecration, I suppose that those who do (and really live it out) get to know Mary on a more personal level and that is beautiful.

So that’s just my two cents…

I might be wrong on some points and I might have misunderstood the book,

St Louis de Montfort says it much better so I highly recommend just slowly reading and praying through “True Devotion” or “Secret of Mary”, or if you can, both :slight_smile:

God bless you.

I think you could keep asking Mother Mary to intercede for you and ask God to show you how important you need Mother Mary in your life, then He’ll show you someday…

I once had problem understanding this devotion; nonetheless, when looking at the live of all saints who always have great devotion to He – including the Blessed Mother of Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paull II - I prayed for the need of Her – and God has put this desire into my heart. I have done the consecration and I could see the graces that God has given me through Her. I continue to pray to cultivate the presence of Mother Mary in my life.

I am totally devoted to Our Lady and have been so for a long while, however consecrating yourself to Mary is certainly not protestant - having been a protestant within a denomination that didn’t disapprove of Mary - I can say without hesitation that I’d never even heard of consecration to Mary until converting to the Catholic Church. Obedience to your SD is thoroughly unprotestant also.
It may be that you are having trouble with the language style of St. Louis, I had that also, so the first time I consecrated myself to Mary I did so using one with slightly different wording than I found in his book. I’ve re-consecrated myself to her numerous times and have often also included mention of my consecration to her in my morning offering.
It is an impossibility for a healthy mother (even one not full of Grace) to not put her child’s wishes ahead of her own. Consecration to Mary is exactly what you stated that you wanted - consecration to Him through His mother.

**Did Jesus come directly to us or did He choose to come through Mary?
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Very well put!:slight_smile:

Jackiem, I definitely agree with the earlier poster that it’s not a good idea to do this unless you really desire it a lot. If you feel unsure, don’t do it yet. It’s an enormous commitment of the self and should be practiced heart and soul.

This said, you may want to try consecrating yourself totally to Mary for one or two days, just to get an idea of what it feels like. I don’t know if it would work the same way for you as it did for me, for God works in different ways with different people. But when I tried this prior to making my final decision, my days became very special in an interior way. So that’s something you may or may not want to try; I don’t know.

The total consecration is a complete consecration as slave to Jesus, only it’s through Mary, and she’s the most perfect way to Jesus, so it is the most perfect form of enslavement to Jesus.

But it should only be practiced if you really in your heart desire it.

I cannot consecrate myself to Mary now or ever, because for me that is commiting idolatry! I don’t care what these people tell you, we are to consecrate ourselves to Jesus! I am sick of this Marian movemet infilitrating the Church! The early Catholics did not act this way! Paul or Peter the very two that are buried in Rome NEVER even mentioned her! The Pope hardly ever talks about her…do you really think the Pope consecrates himself everyday to Mary? NO! And if these people say so they are lying! I am sure he has his own private devotion to her and loves her very much. But, these Marian folk are decieved and are listening to deceiving spirits and are being led by doctrines of devils. Satan will do anything to get your attention off of Jesus. Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit? Well in order to be in a spousal union you become ONE. So, Mary is ONE with the Holy Spirit and that makes her GOD!!! BLASPHEMY!!! IDOLATRY!!! I am being so turned away from my Catholic faith because of these nut jobs that rather worship or venerate her than Jesus. Oh they will have there come backs to defend this rediculous devotion…This is your soul you are playing with my friend…if I were you I would make a wise decision. Talk to your parish priest…if he is marian than go see another one! This marian movement of priest by fr. gobbie…some of his messages are in direct opposition to the teachings of the church, the CCC, and Holy Scripture. Most marians follow this nut bag priest that uses witchcraft to minpulate the minds of the people in saying all those that oppose it oppose God. Beware my friend Satan is a roaring lion, but yet he is a deceiving angel of light!

certainly not, it is too serious commitment to make without understanding and embracing it thoroughly. There is no obligation to do so. It is an entirely optional devotion.

I agree. It’s a big responsability and if your heart is not into it, then don’t. But always honor Mary.

Is there a book or something that tells us what is mandatory for us to do concerning faith and works to get to heaven? Is our salvation dependant on our consecration to mary and devotion to her? Am I going to go to hell if I don’t have a realtionship with Mary? Someone told me if I didn’t consecrate myself to Mary that I would never know Jesus. Is this true?

Who told you that?

Just curious, are you the person who was banned (and had their posts removed) about an hour ago for saying rude things about posters who have a Marian devotion, both on here and on another thread? It sure is a strange coincidence.

Just curious…


My mistake. We just had somebody who got banned who was really down on people who have a Marian devotion.

Anyway, You are not required to concrate youself if that is what you are asking. It’s a devotion.

Oh ok. but, I was wondering is there like a book or something I could read that tells you all that you are required to believe in order to be a Catholic? My Mother asked a priest that once and he said all we are required to believe is the Apostle’s Creed. I just thought that was kind of a shallow answer…but no disrespect to the priest…I am sure he knows what he is talking about.

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