Consecration to Mary


This may seem like an odd question. I currently wear a Brown Scapular, and have so for 4-5 months. I have’nt yet enrolled though I have tried. I was told to find a Carmelite Priest by my Parish Priest. I feel that I am being called to enroll in the Militia Immaculatae as well. My question is: Is it ok to do both? Should I do one or the other? Thank You for any comments.

Your Brother in Christ


Any priest can enroll you in the brown scapular. It doesn’t have to be a Carmelite priest. Perhaps your priest just does not know how to do it. The procedure is described here: . Perhaps you could print it out and ask your parish priest again. If he is unwilling, ask any other priest.

It is fine to wear the scapular and to consecrate yourself to Mary in another way (Militia Immaculatae, Louis de Montfort consecration, etc.).


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