Consecration to Mary?


has anyone else made a Consecration to Mary or read the works of St. Louis Marie de Montfort? I practice Montfortian Spirituality and I am alone in my area doing this.
I seem to be having some kind of on-going interior dialogue with someone concerning Mary, not sure who. But I have been having dreams and daytime lapses into Mary scenarios and it is getting to be disturbing to my soul and making me very restless. I intend to go to Reconciliation on Saturday and discuss this with my Priest-Confessor, —it is not negative in anyway and I don’t believe it is diabolical, just frustrating to me right now. I feel I am being called to something and I am not sure what?
Has anyone else had any experience with Marianistic practice?
I found The Daughters of Wisdom online the other day and called to find out about becoming an Associate, but they are not near me geographically either. I am feeling so discontent right now I would consider moving to where they are!
I am being ‘impelled’ to something.


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