Consecration to queen of heaven is dangerous?


Hi everyone. In my dangerous internet travels i cam across these four websites:

This was what i was originally looking for, more information about a highly lauded spiritual warfare book called “the catholic warrior”. At the bottom of the page were these links:

All 3 were very informative, and appeared to be by the same author. They all claim fidelity to the magisterium of the churhc, and i couldn’t really find anything taught there that was against the known truths. In fact the catechism is heavily quoted.

My question is this, in the last two links they talk about consecration vows and how they become dangerous because you could be consecrating yourself to demons rather than to the blessed Mother. For example, they talk about St. Louis de Montforts prayer of consecration. Check it out, what do you guys think?

I found the sites to be good, I’ve just never heard these ideas before.



Thank you for your reflections
I can’t particularly comment on such things…
But it does seem unlikely that if you sincerely consecrate yourself in good faith and balanced judgement, that God would allow deception…

But personally I think that
in seeking relationship with Jesus,
in trusting all things to God
in trying to live a Eucharistic life
and sharing frequently in the Sacraments,
and in prayer, love and kindness to others
in studying and living according to the gospels,
we have everything we need to live according to God’s wishes for our lives.

Our God, Daily Mass, the Sacraments, the gospel, and loving kindness…I can’t say if feel more is needed…but people differ in how they approach God. I wouldn’t be inclined to consecrate myself to Mary, but rather, Jesus; but surely, as in scripture, Mary would only lead souls to God and not away?


Hi revelations,

Those sites are going to get a big ol’ :rolleyes: from me.

I’m going to take on warnings II & III.

WARNING II “These vows are dangerous because fallen angels can disguise their demonic attributes and appear in the form of Mary, angels, and saints. A good example of this deception is evident by the growing number of consecration requests from false apparition sites that have been condemned by the Catholic Church.”

You cannot accidentally consecrate yourself to a demon by completing one of these consecrations, any more than you pray to a demon by praying to Mary. You have to intend a consecration to a demon to accomplish that. If your intention is to consecrate yourself to Mary, there is no way a demon can step in, call itself Mary and steal your consecration like the Grinch stealing Christmas.

There are some very anti-Catholic protestant deliverance ministries that will tell their clients that they have to renounce Catholicism in order to be freed from demons. :eek: My guess is these misguided Catholics picked up this consecration nonsense from one of those ministries.

WARNING III — Fallen angels are not limited to the semantics of names. Satan can assign any name and title he wants to his vast army of fallen angels including the name of Mary, Immaculata, and Queen of Heaven.

This is taking the whole Satan can appear as an angel of light concept and twisting it into the ridiculous. If a spiritual being appears to you and announces itself as Jesus, Mary, or anyone else, then yes there is a reason to be concerned that it is a deception. There were quite a few demonic apparitions around the real Marian apparitions at Lourdes, since the demons wanted to squash the truth with a lot of falsehood.

But going back to warning II, unless you intend to consecrate yourself to a demon, a demon can call itself “Mary” all day long but that doesn’t give it a right to your consecration to Our Lady if it was your intent to be consecrated to her.

By the logic on this site, any and all prayers we say would be rendered absolutely powerless because Satan and his minions could call themselves “Mary” or “Jesus” or "St. _______ (fill in the blank) and would then claim people are praying to demons.

This is a completely and totally absurd notion. Demons love loopholes but even they cannot interfere with someone’s will to pray to God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary, the Saints, Holy Angels, Holy Souls in Purgatory, and claim the prayer just by assuming their name.


There is something not quite right about these warnings. They deny two things.

  1. Man’s freedom. Demons can no more force man to consecrate himself to them than can God. Consecration has to be of one’s free will, with full intent and full knowlede or it’s invalid.

  2. The power of the Church. The Church is the only human authority that can validate any cnsecration. A consecration to Mary is valid as long as the Church says it’s valid, even if you’re staring at your grandmother’s picture, never mind a demon that looks like Mary. Demons have no power over the Church. If the consecration is approved by the Church there is no problem.

JR :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies everyone,

i too give the site a couple of these: :D:D:D:D, and i plan to buy the books. They have gotten good reviews and such. It was just so odd the idea of the danger of legitimate consecration prayers, even those linked to condemned apparitions.

Merry Christmass everyone!


This is the Queen of Heaven!

By the way She is our Mother too!
Enough said!**

**To Jesus through Mary **:thumbsup:

Edward Henry


^Edward Henry, where on earth did you find that painting? It is GORGEOUS! :thumbsup:


I hope the guy in your picture is not Catholic! :eek: He says Tiber Swim class 06. Hmmm :shrug:

JR :rotfl:


What, you’ve never heard of a Catholic monkey before? :wink:


It was painted by , Enric Monserday Vidal in the 1800’s and he titled it: The Crowning of a Mother. I think that the tenderness with which he captured Our Lady’s face speaks for his spirituality.

I found it in the religious section of Hope Gallery. Their Religious Section has also the most wonderful collection of the LIFE OF CHRIST collection by Carl Bloch (my favorite Christian painter)

Just click and enjoy!
To Jesus through Mary** :thumbsup:

Edward Henry


Trust me, I’ve met my fair share in my life. LOL

JR :slight_smile:


wow after reading all that on the websites I feel kind of lost…

because - a while ago I read about the St Louis de Montfort consecration and I believed in it, and in fact today I picked up a little booklet about it called “the secret of Mary”. I know that de Montfort’s writings were reviewed by the Vatican and nothing was found that conflicted with Catholic teaching, and he was made a Saint!!

Some of the things on that website I think are wrong…
for example, it’s not true that the words of the consecration imply a distant fearful relationship with God rather than a loving one. They just express humility :slight_smile: secondly, I don’t think it’s anything to do with “selling your soul” for salvation!!! :eek: rather, it’s giving yourself to Mary SO THAT she can lead you closer to her Son, which is something she does well… you’re not exchanging your soul for salvation rather surrendering to God’s will.

I think if a person does the consecration properly it would be to Mary (to be more accurate, to Jesus through Mary), not to demons. Maybe those cases that the website listed…maybe those people were lead astray, maybe their hearts were not in the right place… (btw, I think it’s wise to be free of mortal sin when you say prayers like these). For example, maybe instead of surrendering themselves to God’s will they surrendered themselves to suffering and asked for suffering. Which is different!! If we surrender ourselves to God we might have trials (the Saints did), but they would have a purpose…

I think if a person sincerely wants to do God’s will and asks Mary to help them love Jesus more, no demons would be involved.

When St Louis de Montfort was beatified, apparently many witnesses were saying that during his life he was attacked by the devil. Well to me this shows that maybe what he said WAS from God cause the devil was trying to stop him. But it didn’t work, his work was supported by the Vatican (this is important!!) and later on approved, and he died peacefully with trust in God.

An important thing I noticed is that the devil likes to counterfeit things. That causes confusion. For every 100 people who do the consecration, or see visions, or whatever, there would be some who are lead astray - but it doesn’t mean it’s the fault of the practices themselves… rather people’s hearts, that is what matters. A demon won’t go into your life just because you said some words TO MARY… but for other reasons…

also, one of the pages on the website criticizes something that many Saints (such as St Therese) did… that is offering yourself as a victim to God’s Merciful Love, etc.
but - doesn’t the Church support this? of course only if done correctly. And again, it’s not offering yourself to suffering. But to God’s will. It might mean joy, it might also mean trials.
One thing…this website doesn’t mention anywhere that the Church has consistently taught over the centuries that suffering can be used by God and is in fact a gift in a way, because if we offer it to Him we can grow? it’s something bad in itself but Christ sanctified it… the website talks about suffering much like many Protestant churches do, but not Catholic. They’re talking as if it’s always God’s will for us to be happy in this world and it’s the demons who want us to be unhappy here… but the way it actualy works out is that God has our salvation and eternal happiness in mind, not just temporary here on earth.

I don’t know…

I’m actually having some doubts now, what if I’m wrong in my understanding of all this, and the website is right? hmm… I’d have to pray about it… but just from reading it, I did see some serious flaws! Another flaw is what they say about idolatry and statues, medals, etc, sure it’s possible but who actually does that? It’s definitely taught by the Church that the objects themselves do nothing and they’re just occasions of God’s grace… grace doesn’t come from them…

God bless


I think you need to get off that website. It sounds like fundamentalist Protestantism to me.

JR :slight_smile:


you went to website, you noticed some serious flaws, [edited for charity] but you are starting to have doubts? based on that website?

do we understand “nothing good comes from visiting these sites, kids” and even attempting to legitimizing them here by giving them the time of day is causing doubts, why are we wasting our time?

who is the author? what are his credentials? none are evident from any of his sites, no imprimatur is claimed for his books, he cites no authority for his teaching except his own emotional conversion experience. Roman Catholic Revival?

if you are interested in spiritual warfare there are legitimate sites and authors out their, Fr. Corapi for one, and they do not conduct their ministry by attacking authentic church doctrine and authentic spiritualities within the Church.

for one thing I don’t see a mention of consecration to Mary as promoted by Louis de Montfort mentioned, although he does mention several unapproved apparitions and devotions, so on that basis, why do you doubt what is approved? Did it ever occur to you to take your concerns to your pastor or spiritual director whom you do know and trust?

What troubles me is the readiness to doubt what you already know is true, based on one website, from someone unknown and who has given no assurance of authority. That implies a willingness to follow the next best thing, to accept everything on the web at face value, and that is dangerous.

sorry I just found his link to the Montefort consecration, it didn’t come up the first time. one is not even allowed to prepare for and make this consecration w/o spiritual direction and permission, so I think he is overstating. it is not my spirituality, but that does not give me the right to attack something that has Church approval and has proven valuable to others who undertake it with church approval


I think you need to get off that website. It sounds like fundamentalist Protestantism to me.

I second this.

The authors of the website claim to be Catholic, but there is something strange in their writings. They sound more like Protestants. I suspect that the authors of the website are Protestants claiming to be Catholics in order to mislead people. By claiming to be Catholic, they can make other Catholics accept their doctrines and views.

This is why I don’t bother going to sites like this. I only visit reputable sites such as Catholic Answers and I make sure that all articles have references to official Catholic Church documents in order to make sure that what is written is true.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, and even downright lies. Don’t believe everything you read.


I agree. This very thing has happened to many of the saints who were a threat to Satan’s kingdom.

An important thing I noticed is that the devil likes to counterfeit things. That causes confusion. For every 100 people who do the consecration, or see visions, or whatever, there would be some who are lead astray - but it doesn’t mean it’s the fault of the practices themselves… rather people’s hearts, that is what matters. A demon won’t go into your life just because you said some words TO MARY… but for other reasons…

You are absolutely correct. For example, in the case of St. Bernadette, the real apparitions of Mary became flooded by false apparitions with demons lying to people and causing confusion.

Msgr. Leon Cristiani, author of Evidence of Satan in the Modern World, says, “To drown truth in falsehood is a truly diabolical activity.” I think this describes well not only the Lourdes situation, but also the lies being propagated by those sites in the OP.

You cannot accidentally consecrate yourself to a demon for the reasons I explained in post #3.

Don’t give in to those temptations to doubt. Just like with any temptation, if it continues despite your efforts to resist it, pray for help in resisting it. I’ve found one “Hail Mary” is very effective in that situation.


JR, you definitely got a chuckle out of me with this response. Como esta?
Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B


I feel kind of silly now, lol. I’m sorry for those who went through the websites and were left kind of confused at the end of the day. That’s why i came here to ask some other people what they got out of this, or if they had heard of these ideas before.

A spiritual director once told me to go with gut feeling when it comes to things related to the faith. I.E Mary is the Queen of Peace, and the devil was a liar from the beginning.

As for those sites originally posted, they are very convincing, enough to warrant a good once over. I was deceived as were some others. I finally came across this link here, which is a review of the books by other catholics,

that confirmed the fact that this man is at best a cafeteria catholic.

God Bless you all, merry Christmass



is there any way a MODERATOR could go to my OP and remove those links? I can’t edit it anymore and i dont want to give away free advertising for materials that will only cause doubt and confusion like in me.



To all of you who have not consecrated yourselves to our Blessed Mother, I can only say do so. It is not dangerous. It is fulfilling. Jesus came to us through her. Grace comes to us from Jesus through her. Her only message throughout the ages is “**Do whatever he tells you to do.” ** Believe me, that is not dangerous. It is sound guidance, given by a mother who lives with a heavenly love. Beware of anyone who tells you otherwise. Do not listen to them. Let us each give the same fiat that she gave at the Annunciation, "Let it be done to me according to your word O Jesus."
Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B

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