Consecration to the Holy Trinity and to the Blessed Virgin Mary


Most Blessed Trinity, One God, whom I adore and praise! I understand that by the word “consecration,” I will be giving myself to You for Your greater glory, and that, in light of my totally belonging to you, as a wife belongs to her husband, I must only act and speak and write and think for the praise and glory of the Name: all my actions must be holy, all my words must be holy, all I write must be holy, and all I think must be holy. But I know I am a worm, dust, mere nothing, weakness: so I ask for Your Grace, Your Mercy, Your Spirit, and Your Strengeth: help me to live for You and die for You, so that no longer do I exist but You in, through, and with me. I consecrate myself to You, to belong to You just as the angels do; I entrust myself to You, to be protected and guided by You just as You protect and guide the angels; and I put all my hope and trust in You, who alone can save me, love me, and give rest to my restless heart, just as You save and love and give rest to Your heavenly hosts!

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, whom I love and venerate! You became my Mother when you became the Mother of Jesus, the God-Man, and you do share in my sufferings and in my joys and in my glories because you shared in the Son’s sufferings and joys and glories, and you do ever pray for me to the Lord, obtaining for me every grace which He has won for me by His Holy Sacrifice on the Cross. As He hung upon the Tree of Life, the Fruit of your womb gave you to His disciple John, and through him, to all mankind, so that you might be our spiritual Mother, even in Heaven where you are Queen of the King. O Mary, I understad that a mother loves her children and nourishes them, and she has four duties to them in accordance to the Fourth Commandment, namely, guidence, correction, instruction, and good example. And a child, also in accordance to the same Commandment, has four duties to his mother: obedience, respect, aid, and following. I conescrate myself to you, to be your child and you my Mother; I entrust myself to you, to be safe under your mantle and close to your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart and so you can be close to me, your child; and I trust in your maternal intercession, which never fails to obtain for souls the graces they need and which is justly retured by souls with love and veneration!

All you spirits of Heaven, all you blessed saints and holy angels! I salute you, O worthy vessels of God’s Mercy and Grace, and I entrust myself to you, begging you to pray for me, together with Mary the Mother of God, so that I may be obedient to Christ and His Church, and, if I should fall prey to sin, get right back up and continue onwards in my pilgrimage to Calvary, to Heaven, to Jesus Christ, who has drawn all souls to Himself and calls all to Himself, for He thirsts to give Himself to souls, who thirst after Him, the Living Water which bubbles up to everlasting life.






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